How to Reignite your Creativity?

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How to Reignite your Creativity?

"You need a little chaos in your soul, so as to give rise to a dancing star." - Friedrich Nietzsche

It is since our childhood that we have all those creative juices flowing. The problem just lies in staying creative till we reach our adulthood and the stages thereafter. However, we are in no competition with each other; it is just about extending our boundaries in order to expand our mind.

One has to, in some way or the other, challenge their habitual routines just to attain a higher level of consciousness. And this is how you can significantly improve your mind power along with improving your creative skills.

How To Attain A Higher Level Of Consciousness?

#1. Change Your Environment

This is the first and the foremost advice that I would like to give to just any person reading this article. Changing your environment does wonder! Just imagine yourself working at one particular place every day and doing the same job for weeks and months together. The thought itself is boring, picture how destructive it will become for your creativity. If you really want to feel and get inspired, expand your mind along with reigniting your creative levels, make sure you displace from the same mundane environment. Planting yourself into foreign experiences inculcates in you new kinds of capabilities. This becomes a surefire way of waking up your snoozed brain.

For instance, leaving the four walls of your workplace is not possible at this point in time, but you can simply opt for a rearrangement. Start visiting the people of other departments during break hours. Deck up your workstation. Get your attention away from the keyboard and start doodling for a while. Listen to music and get your creative juices streaming. And at the end, acquaint yourself with the unfamiliarities – it opens up the barriers for you to bypass them along with making you realize how you have been missing such greater things in life.

#2. Seek For Ideas In Unlikely Places

There is no good time or a place to look out for an idea. Things can strike you at even the most awkward placed or situations. You just need to be willing enough to bend down and pick them up without any hesitation. As humans, we tend to stop ourselves from actually doing this. We are more concerned about the what-ifs rather than the why-nots. There must have been several times that we received the needed spark of ideas, but what we did was neglect the same. We told ourselves that this might not be a good idea or even if it was, someone else must have surely picked it up.


I don't understand how it matters if someone has already worked upon it or not. You are your own unique version. There are several things that two people might think in a similar manner, but it is definitely not necessary that they even execute it in the same way. Therefore, it is always better that whenever you think you are struck with an idea, pick it up and run with it. And always remember that inspiration, be it of any kind, will often arise from the most unlikely sources. So keep all your senses open. 

#3. Find What Is Trending

This step might take a little research on your part, but it actually is worth the effort. I don't advise you to spend the entire day searching for what is trending. But at least dedicate five minutes every day, so you get a hang of what new is happening in the world. This enhances your ability to think in innovative directions. And you will figure out your own unique spins from the idea you get. If you do not understand what exactly you should search about, get a bit specific and explore the things that pertain to your field of interest. It will not only help you discover newer concepts for reigniting your creativity, but it will also familiarize you with the significant tools that you apply to the research. You can also try meeting new people via social media or in person. This too gives you a tap on each other’s expertise, so you can expand your mind and diversify the thinking.

#4. Take A Break

Tired of finding your true self and your true worth? Take a break to effectively expand your mind. At times, your brain just needs to relax to the max for discovering the distinctive zone. Unless you are not really into extreme athletics, you cannot survive the marathon run without taking breaks in between. Therefore, it is very crucial for you to recognize when your brain is feeling exhausted and when it is time for you to take a pause. It might not seem to be a practical idea for each of you; however, that five-minute timeout is no big deal.

It helps maximize your brain's functioning power along with putting the mind at rest and assist you to begin again with a clear and fresher approach. You are your own boss. And this is how you can improve your creativity skills without affecting your mind power.

#5. Avoid Roadblocks

You certainly need to eliminate all kinds of distractions that can derail you from your path of positivity. The more disturbances you have around, the more likely you are to get removed from your creative zone. Such instances not only make you procrastinate, but they also bring down your focus when you are genuinely trying to give your best. But there are some common roadblocks that you need to identify and get over with. A few of those may include not knowing what exactly interests you, unable to find your creative space, lack of required skills to resume the activity, not enough motivation to get things done, not knowing if it will keep you interested till the end and/ or shortage of time. 

What may ever be your reason, you will have to avoid these roadblocks and develop ways that will help you pursue the dream left alone years ago. Do not let any possibilities get tossed off. Repurpose the junk present around you. And who knows you might consider the options one day and just find an altogether different way towards creativity. Thinking towards the creative way can at times be frustrating when you really don't know which path to opt for. But, avoiding these traps and letting yourself lose is the best way to improve your creative skills. Thinking about the alternatives/ solutions and not the failure is also an initiating point.

#6. Do Not Concentrate On What Others Have To Think

Start to draw meaningful conclusions from all kinds of experiences what you have in life. Each of them has the potential to challenge your higher level of consciousness. Therefore, to improve the mind power, you need to exercise the same and not shut due to societal fears or obstructions. Allow yourself the time to function in the way you really want to and not how you are supposed or are expected to.  Let your aura and perspectives transform themselves. Connect with other like-minded people but do not allow them to disconnect you from yourself. You are here to expand your visualization, and that will never be possible if you keep concentrating on what others have to say or think about you. Friends and family members will keep offering you their own beliefs which are pretty well intended towards a particular direction, but it is something that stops you from achieving what you are uniquely good at.


Paulo Coelho, a well-renowned novelist, always knew that he wanted to be a writer. But, his parents disapproved of his choices. Yes, he was persistent. To one's surprise, he was even given electroconvulsive therapy thrice just to get the idea of being a writer out of his mind. The therapy basically involves smaller amounts of electric currents that are passed through the brain to reverse the symptoms of mental illnesses. Fortunately, nothing got him out of this zone, and today he is The Paulo Coelho we all know.

#7. Stop Worrying About The Issue

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” - Albert Einstein

Start having fun - this is what I would like to add at the end. Do not lose your identity in the quest of exploring something that you cannot find at this very moment. Maybe it is later that nature would respond to your request and you yourself will get the inspiration! And in fact, you will always be more productive with a smile on your face and positivity dwelling in your heart. Do not let any kind of stress shut you down. Lay back and just relax! 

Creativity as well as your mind, both thrive on the variations you provide to it. So, eat well as that is what you become. Allow your imagination to wander. Play video games and also get for yourself some essential sleep along with proper exercising. Imagine that you are being born once again where everything is entirely alien to you. 

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