When is World Creativity and Innovation Week Celebrated?

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The goal is to build capacity for everyone to be open to new ideas and to make new decisions that make the world a better place and make their place in the world better too, in ways that do not cause harm.

World Creativity and Innovation Day is celebrated in over 46 countries since 2002. People in businesses, organizations, schools and communities take part in this day as they generate new ideas to create a brighter future.

World Creativity and Innovation Day was created for the purpose of awakening people’s imaginations to enrich their lives, both in business and as individuals. In 46 different countries the day is celebrated to promote unity through creativity

The aim of this festival is to make the world a better place through creativity and innovative ideas. It is celebrated in different ways across the globe. The purpose to celebrate the unlimited potential of creativity; to raise awareness that all people by nature are creative; and to encourage people to use their creativity to improve their lives, their work, their community, and in so doing, prepare people to contribute to and be ready for the innovations to come.

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