Is History True & Accurate?

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Is History True & Accurate?

Whenever you read some historical facts, they might make you question its accuracy. Some historical facts may not be true or accurate as they claim to be.

This article will help you understand how much of history is true and accurate. Let’s dive in!

How To Be Sure?

The accuracy and the truth behind any historical event can be determined from its source. The closer you get to a source, more are the chances of it being accurate. Most historical facts have written records or images that serve as evidence. If there is no evidence, the authenticity of that historical event is jeopardized.

Is All Of History True?

The majority of history is not very accurate. There are many gaps that can make you suspicious. History was concerned with powerful people while the “normal people” were ignored. For example, if you try tracing back your family tree, you will find that your tree ends after a few generations. But when you look at the rich folks, there are entire kingdoms that ruled the face of the earth for many years. This is because only events related to these “rich folk” were recorded and the commoners were ignored.


(Image Courtesy: University of Exeter)

Who Wrote History?

One thing to remember when studying history is that it was written by victors. So it shows only one side of the story. The defeated had their own versions, and their versions died with them. The victors’ point of view is full of biases and ignores the other side of the history.

Some Interesting Historical Facts

Here are some of the most unconventional and bizarre historical facts:

#1. The longest war in history was between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly, which lasted from 1651 to 1986. The interesting thing about this war was that there were no casualties!

longest war in history was between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly

(Image Courtesy: Military History)

#2. Albert Einstein was offered to be the second president of Israel in 1952. He declined the offer.

#3. John F. Kennedy, Aldous Huxley, Anthony Burgess, and C.S. Lewis all died on the same day which is 22nd November 1963.

#4. Some rabbits once attacked Napoleon.

Some rabbits once attacked Napoleon

(Image Courtesy:  Modern Nation) 

#5. In 1929, some Princeton graduates successfully turned a living cat into a working telephone!

#6. Former President Ronald Reagan was a lifeguard during his high school and saved 77 people’s lives.

#7. In 1912, an orphanage in Paris held a raffle to raise money. The bizarre thing about this was- the prize was live babies!

#8.  The catacombs were built because there was no space to bury dead bodies. All the graveyards were full. The bones of the dead were placed inside the tunnel.

e catacombs of Paris were built because the graveyards were overflowed near the areas of Paris

(Image Courtesy: Ancient Origin)

#9. King George I of England was a German!

#10. In 1838, General Antonio López de Santa Anna who was the President of Mexico had his leg amputated post his ankle was sabotaged by cannon fire. He ordered a full military burial for it.

#11.  During the World War II, the Allies dropped their first bomb over Berlin. However, it killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo.

#12. Another interesting fact about the catacombs- a guy named Philibert Aspairt got lost and died in the catacombs. His body was recovered after 11 years! Also, he was buried at the same spot where he was found. 

Did you find this article interesting? Do you believe all of history is true and accurate? Let us know in the comments section below.

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