How did Fidel Castro die?

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How did Fidel Castro die?

Powerful figures have a way of leaving a mark not just in history but also the hearts and minds of the people that they impact. A certain someone who did the same is Fidel Castro. He was a revolutionary who built a communist state and locked horns with the global power that the US is.

The demise of this great figure brought with it a lot of grief that not just the people of Cuba but people all over the world expressed.So, how did the great leader Fidel Castro die?

Who Was Fidel Castro?

He was a hero for some and a tyrant for many but whatever be the reason, Fidel Castro was one revolutionary who had a strong iron will and nothing could bring him down. The man who claimed himself to be a Socialist, a Marxist, and a Leninist, sought hard to transform the state of Cuba from a capitalist state to a socialist society and ultimately a communist society. He was undoubtedly a very fiery figure, and he is the man responsible for bringing the cold war to the western hemisphere in the year 1959. He never saw eye to eye with the USA and successfully ran a communist country right outside the borders of the great democracy. He vexed nearly 11 US presidents and temporarily brought the world to the brink of a nuclear war.

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Though most people of Cuba really don’t know as to what their leader planned for them and the nation. His image had become larger than life, and he believed that he was the messiah of the land. His critics believed that power went into the head of the communal leader and all that he sought was a control on Cuba and its people. He held onto power longer than any leader except Queen Elizabeth II

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How Did Fidel Castro Die? 

The great revolutionary breathed his last on November 25, 2016. His health had been declining for several years, and he had stepped aside in the year 2006 when a serious condition troubled him. He had previously relinquished most of his power to his younger brother Raul and had later even resigned as president. Raul Castro was very close to Fidel and had been his ally and support system all during the years of revolution. He had remained minister of Defense and Fidel’s closest confidant and had wielded most of the power after his brother deemed himself unfit for the rule due to medical reasons.

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It was Raul, 85 at the time of Fidel's death, who announced the demise of his brother on state television. It was 60 years ago that the two brothers and a handful of supporters left Mexico for Cuba on a boat. Raul Castro did not disclose the reason for the death, but it was most likely believed to be this degrading health that resulted after a severe intestinal ailment that killed him back in 2006.

Fidel Castro left a legacy behind and is still remembered by many. Was the information apt to gain knowledge about the revolutionary? If you want to add something to this article, comment on the box below to leave feedback.

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