What is the Meaning of Life?

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What is the Meaning of Life?

The meaning of life has always perplexed humankind. From the Bible to various schools of life, all focus on comprehending the meaning of life and the creation of humanity. 

In the journey to understand the same, it was discovered that people find fulfillment in various ways- some through the love of their family, some by being successful and then there are those who renounce it all to search for something greater.

The purpose of life varies for everyone based on their awareness and understanding; no two people will have the same perspective or purpose in life. This search is arduous and can only be done by exploring your shadow self.

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Famous scientist Albert Einstein too had researched on the importance of life. At the height of his career and discoveries, Einstein was forced to return to the root to gauge the answer to what is the meaning of life. According to him,” A man who regards his own life and that of his fellow creatures as meaningless is not merely unhappy but hardly fit for life.” Einstein believed in the existence of a supernatural force that’s beyond the physical world.

Not just him, other great men had an existential crisis and struggled to understand the meaning of life truly. Men like Friedrich Nietzsche and Soren Kierkegaard penned their understanding of the world, and the former is a well-known nihilist.

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The origin of life and the function of consciousness and the mind is a topic that is debated upon by scientists and religious men. Many old religions and text books such as the teachings of Hindu Vedas and Upanishads, the Buddhists texts or the Tao focus on the purpose of life and how a man can raise himself from a base human to a supreme being. The scriptures carry words that solve a lot of questions regarding the meaning of life, quench their existential queries and give tools to grow.

The search for a greater meaning or the quest for the meaning of life comes down to self-discovery and self- realization. Only when you go deep within and discover what you truly are will you understand your true path and goal. A spiritual teacher, religion and self-help books can help you out in the process, but the main work is yours.

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What makes us internally happy and satisfied is what life is really about. It is not about gathering wealth or building empires; it’s not even about looking for fame or appreciation from the world. It’s about finding your true source of happiness and completion, something that makes you feel that you are the ‘universe.'

What are your views on the meaning of life, Do share them with us using the comment box below.

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Life is something where we experience ups and downs. It is nurtured and pampered with love as well as hatred. We have different ways of expressing a situation. Life is what happens naturally. Nothing is devoid of it. We all are living in a universe with some or the other purpose. In order to fulfill that purpose, we savor every nook and cranny of this beautiful journey called life by taking the form of an eternal soul. If we see, it's filled with different kinds of axioms; on the other hand, we sometimes find no logic to describe the actions. It is everything yet nothing. This is what we call life.


It is one of the toughest questions one can ask himself. What is the meaning of life?

I believe no one knows what's the correct answer and no one will ever know.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” —Oscar Wilde.

The above quote sums up everything really well.This is what I believe in, rather searching the meaning of life and its purpose. Live to the fullest, when the end is near you should have no regrets in life. And remember that fame and wealth are temporary but certain things are constant like Love and Family. No one can substitute love with money. Being loved is the best feeling ever, be it from your family, friends or lover. These bonds are priceless and pure. 

People spend their lifetime in finding the meaning of life but are not able to find anything. Later in life, they realize that the time they have wasted in searching the meaning of life, the answer was in front of them the whole time but they couldn't see it. Spend as much time with your loved ones. Try and stop finding answers for these ambiguous questions because you will only waste your time precious time. We people have a very limited time on this planet so try and utilize it wisely. 

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