What is a suggestion for my question? Please, I'm struggling now after that.

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Hi, .i had an entrance exam which is called cetin a college where many students come from different colleges to write exam over there .so the day came to me to go and write the exam. Actually, when I entered the class, I was late and all students were there in the class.So when I entered in I first saw a girl with pretty face and good looking girl, eventually, even she saw me, after she saw me, I was like so shy feeling.Then the teacher saw my exam hall ticket and signed in.Then there was a number written in every place, that no. was students hall ticket no. when I saw my no. it was front of that girl which I saw and I was like full nervous. Later on, exam started and everyone was busy in writing exam .my legs were paining so I kept my legs behind the bench which means under the bench where there will be a rod to keep so.Later that girl also kept her leg there itself where legs were. She knew that my legs were behind but she still refused to take her leg aside.I didn't know what was running in her mind. I took of my legs front.Later my legs started to pain, so I kept my legs back once again, even she also kept. I was like why is she doing this.

Later exam got overall went home. Actually, there was an exam on the next day but I had to write the exam in the same place same bench.Nothing else was different that day also.She started to attract me form her legs. She also started to do more of touching my legs. Actually, I had 2 exams that day .one in the morning and another in afternoon.she started to attract in morning exam .i was like, when she started to that sort of thing more and more I started to feel very scared.My body started to shiver with fear.I was totally blank.then somehow exam ended and I went out first from the class. later I wanted to know why she was doing like this .so for the afternoon exam I went early in the class before half an hour.everyone came .i didn't see her coming .but this time she was coming late.when she entered the class she looked at the teacher. Then..... I witnessed something else. As I was seeing her, She also saw we with some love in her eyes. this was transparent from her eyes to me.i was like, this girl likes me. The exam started, again that legs were starting to do some work even I started to like her way of impressing .then a teacher saw her doing this .she later stopped doing that. but she kept her right leg front because we were sitting right side of the class .so her right leg was not so visible to the teacher .she started, then even I started. I don't know why I did so but we started to like each other. But guess what happened next .she dropped her pen cap down .i took it for her.we saw each other she smiled on me. but next.... she dropped her cap twice later on to see me. even I saw her .this all happened. every time when exam got over I used to go first out of the class. but this time I acted as I was looking somewhere else . she saw that and went away fast .she was looking at me with a lovable smile but students from other classes came out all of a sudden more students were there out for going out of college. I lost her....... I tried my best to find her but she lost my eyes.then after coming outside of the college I searched for her but my father hurried me to go to the house.And later I felt something in my heart that I lost her. I don't know why my heart started to pain seriously.then I felt guilty for that girl. I don't know why I didn't sleep that night because of that girl. NOW, WHAT should I Do.Should I Forget Her Or? She is not getting out of my mind. I'm seriously considering this thing. I'm not able to control this pain. So Please Give Me A Suggestion?

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