How to be the Perfect Couple?

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How to be the Perfect Couple?

What is a perfect couple? Are couples who never fight, perfect? Well, not really! A perfect couple is the one who has learned to live happily together, accepting each other’s flaws and constantly working on their relationship to create magic. It takes a lot of effort and care to build something special.

Are you in a relationship? Would you say that you two make a perfect couple? Do you want to be called one? Then check out these.

Tips On How To Be A Perfect Couple

#1. Focus On Communication

Communication is the key to every healthy relationship and if you wish your couple to be called the perfect, then you need to focus on effective communication. Remember that merely talking or making a conversation with your partner isn’t the kind of communication that we are talking about here. It is about connecting. Telling your partner how you feel, listening to them intently and sharing things with them that you haven’t with anybody else is how you communicate effectively in a relationship. Once you indulge in effective communication, you will find all your arguments and fights fading away instantly.

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#2. Respect Your Partner

Respect is the foundation on which the future of a relationship lies and two people who do not respect each other can never be together for a long period. It is important to make sure that everyone sees your couple as a team and this is possible only when you both are considerate and compassionate towards each other. There can be instances when you do not agree with your partner or when your partner needs some space; then you have to respect their wishes and oblige even when you do not really want to. You can also ask for space from your partner as a perfect couple understands each other and respect each other's feelings. (Here is something that may help you if it is okay to ask your partner for space?)

#3. Pay Attention To Each Other

To be the perfect couple, merely spending a lot of time with each other is not enough, there should be quality to it. Also, as your life starts to get busy, it becomes more and more difficult to spend as much time with your partner as you once used to. And when the time is short in supply, then make it a point to use it to talk to your partner in a manner that it strengthens the bond you share and your relationship. Ask them what is going on with their lives and share what has been up with you lately and be attentive to whatever they share with you.

#4. Do Not Be Clingy

If you want your relationship to thrive, let alone be called the perfect couple, then you should refrain from being clingy. The cat-and-mouse dating game can be amusing for a little while, but soon there comes a time when it becomes annoying for one. If you are the clingy one in the relationship, then correct your behavior by figuring out the reason behind it. Is it because you have trust issues or lack of social life outside your relationship? Whatever it is, start working on it and give your partner some space to breathe. If your partner is clingy, then tell him or her to stop being one. (Read here to learn how to handle a clingy partner?)

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#5. Be Appreciative Of Each Other

A perfect couple appreciates each other, not just for being in each other’s life, but also for being the kind of person that they are. So, if you want to be the perfect couple, then make it a point to remind your partner how much you adore and appreciate them for being with you and being how they are. You can do this with a surprise present or through a simple phone call when you are thinking about them.

#6. Make Sure Your Friends Like Your Partner

To be a perfect couple, the two of you should have compatibility, and that should be visible to the people around you as well. How good the two of you are when you are with each other shouldn’t be something that is in your mind, but should be visible to everyone who sees the two of you together. And this begins with your and your partner’s friends. They are the first person that you have to impress as a couple and everyone else that follows is just secondary.

#7. Be Ready To Make Sacrifices For Each Other

No relationship is perfect in itself; you have to work on it to make it so. And in your journey, there could be times when you might have to sacrifice something just to keep your partner happy. If your relationship is healthy and you are a perfect couple, then you will not have to think twice about it. A relationship only survives the test of time when the two partners make sacrifices for each other and that too willingly. Maybe you will have to compromise on your alone time, deal with their bad moods, not get exactly what you want and do other things that you don’t really want to do but that is all a part of being in a relationship.

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#8. Be Patient And Forgive

A perfect couple understands each other. Patience is a quality that can take you far ahead in life and the same goes for a relationship. Every relationship has rough patches and by practicing just a little bit of patience during these times, you can put all these behind you in no time. Also, you have to remember that no one in this world is perfect and being a human, it is understandable that your partner makes mistakes. We are sure you to do. So, forgive your partner for the small mistakes they make.

#9. Make Time For Each Other

Having too much on your plate at work or going through some crisis in your life is not an excuse that a perfect couple makes for not being able to spend as much time with each other as they would want to. What they do is they make time no matter how busy they are in their life and whatever it is that they are going through. If you have a busy schedule, then plan a date night when the two of you will go someplace nice and spend quality time with each other.

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#10. Be Best Of Friends

Relationships can easily end, but friendships tend to last longer. So make sure that you two aren’t just in a relationship but also share a bond of friendship with each other. A perfect couple isn’t just friends with each other; they are best of friends. There should be times when you enjoy things together that the two of you can’t as a couple. Doing so will give you a nostalgic feeling of the days when the two of you were at the beginning of your relationship and enjoy spending every second of the day with each other.

#11. Be Supportive Of One Another

In a perfect relationship, partners support each other; not just in career but every aspect of each other’s life. Even if you do not agree with a decision that your partner has made, you should be supportive of them no matter what. At the end of the day, you have to remember that even though they are in a relationship with you, they have a life of their own and have the right to make their own decisions. And being the good boyfriend or girlfriend that you are, you should support your partner no matter what.

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#12. Do Adventurous Things Together

Being the perfect couple that you are, you should keep the things between the two of you interesting and exciting and what better way to do this than partaking in adventurous things together? Whether it is the mountains that the two of you enjoy or a tranquil beach destination where you love to walk hand in hand under the shade of the palms, you must plan regular trips to the destinations of your choice.

#13. Have Sex

Just having sex is not enough sometimes as it can become dull and boring after a point of time. Hence, it falls upon you to keep things exciting and fun in bed and for that, you can try new things. You have to remember that sexual chemistry is just as important as romantic chemistry in a relationship and that can be created if the two of you work on it a little. (Read here to build amazing sexual chemistry with your partner.)

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Do you and your boyfriend or girlfriend make a perfect couple? What do you think it takes to be one? Share your thoughts and comments with us in the comment box below. We look forward to your replies.

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