How to Kiss Passionately?

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How to Kiss Passionately?

Kissing is undoubtedly one of the most pleasurable things in the universe. If you can make that kissing experience passionate, that is a bonus. It is an excellent trait to be a passionate kisser as it can always lead to an even more sensual and great sex.

The desires that anyone has from their partner is them to be a good and passionate kisser. To set a perfect mood and kiss passionately is something you need to learn in order to become a pro in this department.

Some tips to become a passionate kisser

#1. Make Sure Your Breath Is Fresh And Cool

You need to be hygienic and practice cleanliness habits so that your breath is fresh and cool like mint. This is a must before kissing someone, especially for the first time. If you even have a little bit of doubt about your breath, make sure you have mint with you at the time of need which should leave no aftertaste and makes you feel refreshed.

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#2. Set The Mood First Of All

If you want to kiss passionately, you need set up a romantic mood, first of all. A right mood is extremely important in order to have a great kiss. Right mood does not necessarily mean that you need rose petals on the bed. It means that both of you should be in the right emotional state and you both should focus on each other. Do you want to be a good kisser?

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#3. Prepare Yourself First

A small homework is essential before you kiss someone. You don’t need to master the skills of an excellent kisser, however, looking your best for the best kiss or probably having the best perfume which can enhance the mood even more. Don’t wear or put on something which makes your partner go away from you.

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#4. Let Them Know Your Intentions

If you don’t like it the direct way, you can let your partner know that you have the intention of kissing them. It will not only take away the moments of awkwardness but also will make them prepare themselves as well. If you are talking to them, start focusing more on their lips, and they will automatically know that you want to kiss them.

#5. Approach The Kiss With Confidence

Don’t get nervous at all. The kiss will never turn out to be memorable and passionate. Once you have chosen the right moment to kiss them, try to make the first impression as confident as possible. Behave like a pro so that the person does not reject you while you are trying to kiss them as there is no turning back once you have started.

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#6. Start Softly And Go Slowly

When the person also starts kissing you, make sure to not rush into anything. You need to go slow initially and then take the things forward. Gentle kisses on their lips will make them feel positive about the kiss. Go as softly and gently as possible for the initial few minutes. Start with the bottom lip and then move to the upper lip to make the kiss even more passionate.

#7. Let Yourself Linger Between Kisses

Kiss is not an activity done by one person. However, try to make the kiss last as long as possible. Even if you are not kissing in between for a few seconds, try to keep them as close to you as possible. 

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#8. Consider The Famous French Kiss

As you get progress in your kiss, you can try to take it one a next level. Everyone is aware of the famous French kiss which is the epitome of a passionate kiss. Here comes the boneless tongue into the light. Insert your tongue slightly into your partner’s mouth and let you and your partner’s tongue have a romantic dance together.

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#9. Be Sensually Aggressive Once The Kiss Is Accepted

After you have invested a while in having some passionate kissing together, move forward. Try to get more adventurous and become a little bit aggressive by being more sensual. You can either bite your partner’s lower lip in between having kisses or can pull them even closer if they are really into the kiss. Show your aggressive side sensually.

#10. Switch Things Up A Little

The kiss is going great if you are reaching this stage, right? Therefore, try to change your tactics after you have had some passionate and soft kisses. You can start getting a little more aggressive at this stage. Don't hurt or crush your partner’s lips in between yours but go ahead till the stage where it is enough to show them you are passionate.

#11. Use Your Teeth But To Spice Things Up

Obviously, you need to use your lips to kiss your partner. However, that is not the only thing you can use. If you are missing out a little sensation, make sure to use your teeth in between. When we say use your teeth, it means softly; you don’t want to tear your partner’s lip or get a chunk. Be as gentle as possible so that you don’t hurt your partner.

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#12. Change The Position Of Your Head After Sometime

Sometimes you forget to change your head position while you are kissing. However, it can make your partner feel really uncomfortable. Tilt your head a little and change the head position in order to keep up the spark and being most comfortable. You will enjoy more if you both are in your most comfortable head positions.

#13. Let Your Partner Initiate As Well

Something that people often forget while kissing is to make your partner initiate as well. People just try to do all the work and assume that since they initiated, it is their duty to do that all the time. Of course, if you enjoy being dominated, you can go ahead with this process. However, most people feel great when their partner also initiate sometimes.

#14. Kiss Them Everywhere Else Apart From Lips

People often just focus on lips while kissing their partner. However, using other parts of the body to kiss is also an essential part of the process of kissing. Try to figure out their sensitive areas and kissing those erotic zones will make your kisses even more passionate. So if you have had enough of your lips, try to make the kiss a little spicy.

#15. Keep Your Arms Busy With Them

Seldom or maybe never be there a time when you are not using your arms and tend to enjoy that kiss very much. Either you use those arms to hold your partner tight or to make them even closer every once in awhile, that’s totally up to you. You can run your hands through their hair or around the neck, but do use them efficiently to make the experience more passionate.

#16. Do Not Let Yourself Get Distracted

Whether it is a movie going behind you or fireworks being shot in some distance, do not get distracted. There can never be a worse experience for your partner then you being distracted by them. If you have the habit of looking around when you are with your partner, abandon that for some time. They will feel rejected and the kiss will not be their best experience.

#17. Practice Your Techniques

There is a lot of difference in reading or watching videos for having a wonderful kiss than actually practicing them when you are with your partner. You need to be mindful and devote your time to them in order to bring out the best and the most passionate kiss from your end.

We hope this article will help you learn to kiss passionately. We would love to know your thoughts and comments, so please share them with us in the comments box below.

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