How to be a Good Kisser?

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How to be a Good Kisser?

Kiss is not merely a way of conveying your affection to someone; it is the universal language of love. No one can deny the fact that the simple act of putting your lips on another person’s lips is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. 

Also, kissing is more important in love and relationship than it is given credit for. Believe it or not, but 59 percent of men and approximately two in every three women in the US admit for having to end a relationship in their life because their partner was a bad kisser. And what can we say about the first kiss? The first intimate physical contact you have with your partner.  

All of us want to master the art of kissing so our partner cannot get enough of us during the make out session. A great kiss can be like a drug, making your partner to want more of it no matter what. Are you a good kisser? Can you make someone fall in love with you, just with one kiss? Do you want that power? Well, then keep reading. 

#1. Keep Your Lips Moisturized

Mind you, no one wants to even come close to those dry, cracked lips, and no girl or guy is going to want to put their lips on yours if that is what you have on offer. A simple lip balm can do the trick for you here. Just keep in handy and whenever you meet your partner, put a little bit of that on your lips. Sometimes, just a sight of luscious lips is enough to take the smooching session to the next level. 

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#2. Avoid Stinky Food Before The Kiss

One mistake that people make is that they eat like a pig before a kissing session and that too stuff that leaves their mouth stinking. When you see an opportunity to make out with your partner approaching, avoid eating stinky foods like onions and garlic. Excessive coffee can also be a deal breaker. Obviously, you cannot always plan a kiss or prepare for it in advance. So, perhaps the least you can do is keep mint handy, so you can create magic even when you have barely a few minutes to prepare for it. They are dirt cheap, if we might add!

#3. Follow The Lead

Sometimes, kissing can be about compromise, especially in the case where your partner has a different technique than you. Though you may kiss the way you want sometimes, it is always a better idea to let your partner take the charge and give him or her what they seek. There is a good chance that your partner will appreciate you giving them the lead and perhaps offer you the chance to carry it out your way. So, make the kiss all about giving your partner what they want and maybe in return, you may receive what you seek. Remember, it all starts with the kiss!

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#4. Get Some Tongue Action

Though there are some people who like to keep the kiss about lips, but they are only a few and most like to get in some tongue action when they make out. So when you feel like your breathing is getting heavy and lips are all wet from the smooching, surprise your partner with the tongue. How much tongue is the perfect amount is something that you might want to discuss with your partner. Some like to go all out when it comes to tongue, some just prefer a little tease. Also, some might say that you leave the former option for times when you see things going beyond just the kiss. 

#5. Think Beyond Lips

A kiss may be about the lips, but when you are indulging in a good make out session with your partner, it goes way beyond that. How much fun will you or your partner have if you keep doing the same thing over and over again for minutes at end? Therefore, every time you kiss, take it to the next step and bring his or her neck, collarbone and earlobes into the scene. Earlobes are one of the erogenous spots that can turn on your partner in the matter of seconds. A little bit of playful biting can also help your case in making your partner a tad more excited during the kiss. May be you can give them love bites that remind them of you or your steamy kissing session.  

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#6. Be Honest

A crucial thing here is to be honest. Not just to your partner, but to yourself as well. If the kiss is not going well, then do not just sit there keep on doing what you have been for the past few seconds. You can either talk to your partner about it or try something on your own and see if he or she likes it or not. This will be a learning experience for the both of you and a major step towards making you the ultimate kisser that you want to be. 

#7. Be Passionate

Perhaps you would agree that passion makes everything better and that is also true when it comes to kissing. If you lack passion, then you kiss like it is something you do, not something you enjoy. So, every time you smooch your partner, go an extra mile to make it like they do in the movies. If you find your partner breathing heavily and moving their hands all over you, not wanting the kiss to end anytime soon, then you know have done the job. You do not have to bring your every kiss to this level, but every once in a while, kiss like that to show your partner the kind of chemistry you have and the intimacy you share. 

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#8. Don’t Always Seek Sex

Many of us see kiss as the first step towards sex but you have to stop looking at it like that if you do too. Kissing in itself can be quite satisfying but if you keep looking at it like something you do before sex, then you will never get any satisfaction from it and such will be the case with your partner. A perfect kiss can lead you to the bed but that will not be the case every time you use your lips on your partner. Kiss your partner so good that they cannot control the feeling to take you to the bed.  

#9. Close Your Eyes 

When we block one sense, our other senses get heightened. So, if you want to really feel the intimacy, then close your eyes, shut your ears, forget about what is going on around you, and focus on making it a kiss to remember. Also, it is creepy to have your eyes open when you are that close to somebody. So just shut them close if you do not want to creep out your partner. 

#10. Enjoy The Moment

Want your partner to enjoy kissing you? Then try to enjoy it yourself. Make it look like the only thing that you want to do in the moment is kiss his or her lips. Forget about PDA. People are watching, so what? You are only kissing. If you have the urge to kiss, then kiss; it does not matter if you are at the subway station and surrounded by dozens of people. Let your lips do the talking and embrace the moment and the exciting feeling. 

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#11. Practice

They say practice makes a man perfect. That is true, but half true. It makes a woman perfect as well. And frankly, you are not going to master the art of kissing just by reading about it once on your computer. Precision comes with doing something over and over again. You will most definitely make a few mistakes in the beginning.  

Now that there is nothing stopping you from becoming the master kisser that you want to be, what are you waiting for? Call your boyfriend or girlfriend and start making out. Remember, the more you kiss, the faster you will get better at it. 

But before you go picking up the phone to call your partner, spare a couple of minutes to tell us what you think about the article. Do you have some tips of your own that you want to share with our other readers? You can use the comment box below. 

Want to learn some interesting facts about kissing? Here you go! 

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While a good kiss can lead you to great things, a bad kiss can take you back to the days you were single,
quite literally actually. So if you do not want your partner to tell his or her friends how awful of an
experience it is to kiss your mouth, then right now start doing something about it and turn yourself into
a great kisser. Imagine how amazing it would be if the guy you are dating or maybe your ex just cannot
seem to forget the way you kiss. You want to be that person, right? This is how you do it. 
The first thing that you have to remember is to keep your breath fresh. Would you ever want to kiss a
person who has bad breath? My guess is no. So whatever you do, just keep a fresh breath at all times.
You want to make kissing you an experience that your partner enjoys and just cannot get enough of.
There is a good point mentioned in the article that you should keep mints handy. Well, at least when you
are going to meet your guy or girl. If you feel like you have bad breath, you can even avoid kissing your
partner since no experience at all can be better than a negative experience. So instead of a bad kiss,
delay your kiss and land an unforgettable kiss on your partner when you think you are fully prepared to
make it perfect.  Well, a kiss is not just about your lips it involves your entire body. If you use only your lips, the person you are kissing might just get the idea that you are not really into kissing them. So try to involve your
entire body into the act of kissing as much as you can. What you can do is move your hands all over the
body of your partner. This will surely get them excited. To turn your kiss into a more passionate one, you
can also move your body close to your partner’s. Use your ears to know if he or she is breathing heavy.
This will help you understand if your partner is really enjoying the kiss or not. Hug your man or woman
tightly so they know that you are never letting them go. 
Also, the pace at which you go is really important. You do not want to appear like you are rushing and
end the kiss too soon and you do not want to go too slow that your partner cannot even enjoy it. Just the
right amount of pace is good. And the pace depends on the mood and the setting in which you are
making out. So this is another thing you to be careful about.  Now let us get to the most important thing, the show stealer, the game changer, the tongue. Yes, the amount of tongue you give your partner has to be perfect. While you do not want to jam your tongue down your partner’s throat, you also do not want to give them a little tease and not the complete satisfaction. You have to find the perfect amount of kiss and then have that amazing, unforgettable kiss that haunts your partner in his or her dreams. So this is what I think you can do to give your partner that perfect gem of a kiss. Now I can’t wait to read what others have to say about this. 

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