10 Crazy Kissing Facts That We Bet Will Leave Shocked!

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10 Crazy Kissing Facts That We Bet Will Leave Shocked!

Rejoice, it’s International Kissing Day! The day is made to remind us all about how wonderful kissing is. It is a form of expressing love and care, and almost all of us can swear by that it is an incredible feeling.

Because kissing is an international pastime, there has been a lot of investigation and surveys on kissing and that has borne kind of interesting results. Results like smacking lips against animals and banned kisses are just a few of them.

We have made you a list of unusual kissing facts. This in not your normal feel-good list, it contains some fascinating insights into our favorite hobby. Take a look and celebrate International Kissing Day with them:

#1. People in the US prefer kissing their pets more than human beings. Of the surveyed people, 19% said that they would prefer kissing their pets over their partners and around 45% said that when it comes to kissing friends, family, and pets, their pets always win.

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#2. Now that we have talked about kissing pets, the survey showed that dogs are the most kissable pets (of course!). Of all the people living in the States, 75% kiss their pets, and out of them, 70% said that they would prefer kissing a dog over any other animal. Way far behind, with almost a 50-point difference, are cats at 21%.

#3. Whoever thought that kissing was an easy task, needs to rethink that. Science says that kissing requires the coordination and use of over 100 muscles. According to a team of British researchers, every French kiss involves a complex movement of 146 muscles, 34 of which are facial and 112 of which are postural. This could make one deduce that those who are bad at kissing, are somehow not working all those muscles, at least not correctly.

(The Fashion Lady)

#4. Yes, the hello kiss might not be as popular as the other ones in the US, a report found out that 61% Americans feel that they’re okay with a quick ‘hello-kiss’ when meeting up with a friend. The same report also suggested that more men than women are into hello kisses.

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#5. While most people were open to greeting kisses, they were not open to how the French roll within the double kiss. Instead, 75 percent of Americans said that the greeting kiss was only acceptable on one cheek, compared to the 12 percent who thought that the way the French do it, a la two cheeks, is the way to go.

#6. A German psychologist found out upon a close observation that two-thirds of the entire world population tilt its heads to the right while kissing. The research concluded that a similar behavior across such a broad demography is most likely because of the position of the fetus in the womb where it is mostly tilted towards the right.

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#7. A study of over 1,000 college students found that women place more importance on kissing than men do. For women, kissing is a way to gauge the relationship, while guys mostly kiss as a gateway to other things in a relationship.

#8. How fascinating would it be if we told you that kissing was once banned in France? Yes, in 1910, France, of all countries, banned kissing on French train platforms because it was causing delays. Most recently, in 2003, Moscow tried to ban kissing in public places, even if the two people were married. However, Russians weren’t having any of that bullshit, so they protested by kissing strangers on the street, and the law never came to be.

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#9. According to a study by the University College London done in the 1980s, men who kiss their wives every morning live five years longer than those who do not. The reason being that kissing is good for the heart and lowers stress.

#10. Although kissing affects most of our body, releasing dopamine and other hormones into our system, it also causes the pupils of our eyes to dilate. So, yes, this is why most people close their eyes when they kiss.

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