How Often should Couples Go Out on a Date Night?

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 How Often should Couples Go Out on a Date Night?
No matter how long you have been together- six weeks, six months or six years; date night is an essential part of your relationship. The importance of dating in a relationship is often underestimated. You need to indulge in a date night with your partner every other week. If that is not possible try to plan monthly date nights. Couples do not take out time for their relationships and sometimes forget what is a date night altogether.

If you are wondering how often you should have a date night and what is the importance of dating in a relationship, here are some date night ideas for couples and why should you often go out together and cherish their presence in your life!

#1. What Is A Date Night

Firstly, you need to understand what is a date night and what is the importance of dating in a relationship. A date night does not mean having a dinner at a fancy place. A date night can be a simple walk in the park or a movie together. Why is it important you may ask. Couples need to have some time to themselves especially those who have kids. Looking after the kids all the time, and not giving your relationship the much-needed break drains the romance out of you. So, you need to understand the importance of dating in a relationship.
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#2. How Often Should You Have A Date Night?

The frequency of your date nights depends on your schedules. But, it is recommended that you plan out a date night every month. Some couples prefer to have date nights every week so that they can wind up their busy week on a happy and romantic note. But it is totally up to you how many date nights per month or week do you need and why do you need them.
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#3. Date Nights Show You’re Committed

Some relationships lose their luster because people don’t put in efforts. To reignite that lost passion and romance, you can start by planning out date nights together. They are a sign that you are still committed to the relationship and want to work things out. The importance of dating in a relationship shows your willingness to make the other person a priority by setting aside some special time for them. When you make the effort to spend time together and continue to develop your relationship, you are bound to grow closer rather than apart.
How Often should Couples Go Out on a Date Night?
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#4. Date Nights Give You The Time You Need
Date Nights are a great way to escape the monotony of your lives. It's an escape from all of your worries and just spend time with the person you love and care about. It gives you an opportunity to connect with each other. It’s a time to set aside your to-do list and focus on each other. To listen. To express affection. To feel close. Also a pro-tip: Switch off your phones and focus on each other. 
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Always remember that it is not about what you do but the spirit you bring to it. Sometimes couples with kids don’t get the time to leave their children alone, so after bedtime, they try and spend time together. It is not about how often you go on date nights. It is about how you make the efforts for a date night.

Do you have any opinions how often you should go on date nights? Do you feel dating is important in a relationship? Feel free to add your views on this in the comment sections below.
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