What kind of place do you think is the ideal for a first date? Why?

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What kind of place do you think is the ideal for a first date? Why?

Priya and Ankit sat still and silent. After a minute Priya said, "Ankit, it's been three months since we've been together. But still, we don't know each other much. It's because we've never been out on a date."

Ankit replied, "You're right. Even I want to spend some time with you all alone. Whenever we try to plan out something, our friends join us. But this time, it will be only the two of us."

Priya asked, "So where are you planning to take me out on our first date?"

Ankit smiled and said, "It's a surprise baby. I'll pick you up from your place tomorrow sharp at 8. So be prepared for the most exquisite date."

Priya said, "My excitement has no bounds presently. I'm eager to join you tomorrow as soon as possible. Don't make me wait."

He replied, "I know you hate waiting. I'll be there sharp at 8. Don't worry. Let's leave now and meet tomorrow. I have to make preparations for our first date."

Both of them hugged each other and left the spot delightfully. While Priya was lost in her vivid fairy tale dreams, Ankit was anxious. He had no idea of how to plan out the first date. He was not sure where to take her out the very next day. He wanted to make his first date very very special. At first, he thought of asking Priya where she wanted to hang out. But then he preferred asking his best friend, Prince's suggestion. He immediately contacted him and discussed the whole idea of his surprise date with him.

Prince said, " I think you should take her to a theater to watch a romantic movie with her together. I always take my girlfriend to theaters, and she enjoys it. It's the best place to spend time with your girlfriend without boring each other."

Ankit said, "Buddy, I want to spend time with her and have endless conversations with her. If we'll watch a film then when will we interact?"

Prince replied, "Then take her to a pub or a club. Party over there as much as you both can."

Ankit sad sadly, "Firstly, she's not alcoholic. Neither am I. Secondly; we don't want to party. We enjoy partying when we're in a group. She's not at all party type."

Prince got confused. After a few seconds, he came up with another suggestion. "Why don't you take her out to a candle light dinner? Trust me; girls love candle light dinners. It's romantic and special. You both can chat as much as you want while you enjoy your meals."

Ankit smiled and said, "It can be the first preference. But what next? I mean after dinner we'll have some more time to spend together. Please suggest me where to take her out after dinner?"

Prince answered, "Well, take her on a long drive. I think it's the last idea I have in my mind. I hope you are done now. It's already too late. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Good night."

Before Ankit could speak a word more, Prince disconnected the call. Ankit contacted one of the best restaurants and booked a table for the next day. The very next morning he woke up smiling and dancing. He went out of his house for a few minutes, just to inhale the fresh air. While he was glancing the nature's beauty, he saw two lovers walking while they held each other's hands. Suddenly a thought struck in Ankit's mind. At eight he picked up Priya from her residence and took her out to the restaurant for a romantic dinner date. She enjoyed, and they both talked on and on. After they had been done with their dinner Ankit held her hand and they both walked into a silent place, all alone, for an hour. 

Priya smiled and said, "You're the best boyfriend. Most of the men prefer taking their girlfriends out for a movie or parties. But here we are. Alone and connected. This was the best date ever."

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