What to do if your Man is Emotionally Unavailable?

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What to do if your Man is Emotionally Unavailable?

Are you dating an emotionally unavailable man? Women are considered to be the most compassionate beings on earth. They are full of love and life so when women dream of their life partner or someone they could date, the image of a mature and a yet sensitive man emerges in front of their eyes. Not just women but men as well need a partner who can commit to them emotionally. A person who understands what the other feels and is ready to invest their emotions for them. What will happen when you date emotionally unavailable men?

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An emotionally unavailable man will blame others for whatever happened in their past or whatever happens in their presence. They will blame their partners for everything because they wish to push them away. Emotionally unavailable men are afraid of love, and that is why they distance themselves from their partners. They will blame the past relationships for not wanting to do certain stuff. The ignorant attitude of the man irritates the woman, and they pick up fights. The emotionally unavailable man will not even engage in a fight with you. They will ignore you, and they will not even argue with you ever because they are not emotionally available for you. He will not commit to the relationship or change the way he lives. He will live on his terms that will not include you. Spending time with an emotionally unavailable man would make you feel like they are absent even when they would be sitting right next to you. You will not feel their presence. And when you try to talk to them about the whole scenario of your relationship, they will refuse to talk about it, or they will change the topic. Men who are emotionally unavailable will avoid confrontation. It becomes excruciating to survive in such a relationship. The beginning of the relationship is always romantic, but gradually they grow away from each other. What should a woman do in such a case? How to deal with an emotionally unavailable man?  

#1. Pay Attention To The Signs 

Examine the signs your partner leaves while talking to you. Listen carefully to all that he says when he is talking to you. Did he tell you that he prefers to hook up rather than be in a serious relationship? Isn’t that a sign? If your partner believes that hooks up are better, then there are chances that he wants to have an open relationship with you. If they come across an opportunity of having a non-serious relationship, he will probably accept that. Should you be with someone who does not commit to a relationship? The answers are with you. If you feel that you can live in such a relationship, then there should be no issues, but if you need commitment, then you need to rethink your relationship. Your partner may have said that they will not be able to give you what you need which means that they're are not available for you. Analyze everything that your partner says, and maybe you can leave before it is too late.

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#2. Understand The Unavailability

You must explore the reasons as to why your partner stays away from you. Did it happen right at the beginning of the relationship? If your partner has been behaving in this way since the beginning of the relationship, then there are possibilities that either your partner is having an affair or they had an affair in their past which still crosses their mind every now and then. Your partner may not have moved on from their last relationship because of which they are not able to give you their time. There could be others reasons for such behavior, and you must ask them for a reason. Try to understand him because he may be honest about his feelings. They may not be hurting you intentionally. Your partner may not even realize that their attitude is hurting you. Talk to them and assure them that you will not overreact or judge them.

#3. Decide If You Want To Stay Or Leave

After knowing the causes of your partner’s attitude, you have to decide if you want to be with them or not. The emotionally unavailable men may take a lot of time to find solace in your presence, or they may not even change. It is you who has to decide if you are fine with waiting for them to change or not. If they tell you that they will try their best, then you should wait, but if they do not assure you, then there is no point waiting for someone who may remain the same. You should not hurt yourself or keep expectations from the person as it will hurt you in near future.

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#4. Do Not Depend On Him For Happiness

Your life is not just about your relationship with one person; it is much more. You have a lot of people in your life who care for you and a career ahead of you. Do not depend on your partner for love and attention. Instead, spend time with your friends who want to hang out with you. Think about your career and take new risks in life. He should not be the only person responsible for your happiness or sadness.

#5. Don’t Compel Him

If you have decided to stay, then you must take care of a few things. You must not compel the person to give you attention or to love you because the more you force them, the more they will repel. If you want them to be on the same page with you, then you need to stop pushing them. If you push them to talk to you, then they may get agitated by your behavior, and they may start ignoring you. Give them time and space to think about the relationship. They need to take a decision too about staying in the relationship or ending it. If they are not emotionally available for you, then it would be better for them if they end it.

#6. Stop Giving Unnecessary Attention

One of the reasons why they do not pay much attention to you is that they know you will not leave them. You give them so much attention that they do not like talking to you. They feel interrupted because you intervene in everything and they do not have their alone time. Give the person some space and let them contact you. on their own. Do not text them frequently instead wait for them to message you. Let them know that you have work and priorities in your life other than him.

#7. Keep Calm And Wait

At the end, you can only wait for your partner to approach you with a positive outlook this time. Wait for them to reform themselves so that the relationship moves smoothly again. Do not impose yourself on the emotionally unavailable man. If he comes back, then the wait will be worth, but if he doesn’t, then you will know what to do next. Patience is the key to any relationship’s success, and if you manage to be patient with him, then you may get your love back in your life.

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Do you know an emotionally unavailable man? Have you ever dated emotionally unavailable men? How did you deal with it? Share your experiences with us through the comments section given below. 

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