10 Heartwarming Movies That Can Make Even Men Cry

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10 Heartwarming Movies That Can Make Even Men Cry

Films addressing the male audience and getting them emotionally connected are notable and somewhat different from the usual action and animation. Therefore, we bring to you some of those chosen films that would make any man cry! Keep the tissue rolls ready and see those men moistening their eyes.  

#1. Bambi  

The elegantly produced animated film is deeply touching. It has been making men cry from around last 70 years. It is lasting, appealing even to those strong men and unquestionably moving for the rock-hearts. The Disney classic animation is about animals, yet it's funny to see those tears rolling from the eyes because of a nonhuman film! Attachment can be found anywhere, anyhow!

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#2. Good Will Hunting

The near perfect film follows a very predictable narrative yet it adds enough quirks to the entire journey. Loaded with adequately powerful performances makes it an entertaining as well as emotionally rich drama.

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#3. Marley and Me

Truly, dogs are a man's best friend! The story is so heart-wrenching that one can barely go without shedding tears. When you aren't ready to have kids, get a dog instead- that's how you learn to take over the responsibilities and develop load sharing habits. 

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#4. Million Dollar Baby

It is conventional, it is broad, genuinely moving and the work of real morals! If the appearance of Clint Eastwood in the film doesn't make it seem okay for men to cry, then nothing else would work! The film retains all the surprising and action elements that would keep the men hooked yet makes it heart wrenching to watch the tragedies happening.

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#5. It's A Wonderful Life

The title in itself would make the men feel all warm and beautiful. The film is one of those feel-good movies that we need to watch time and again. It reminds us that we all are certainly extraordinary in our ways! This film is about the several ways life can obstruct the decency of a kind-hearted and honest man yet prevents him from falling!

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#6. Wall-E

Wonderfully conceived and lovingly exhibited, Pixar's Wall-E isn't just a younger generation film but can appeal anyone from any age group. Men might undoubtedly shed a few tears watching the love story about two futuristic robots. The story is charming, thought-provoking and captivating along with being an evergreen classic!

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#7. Saving Private Ryan

Men will be shedding tears looking at the courage of soldiers who fought in World War II - all of it at the price of war itself! Award winning performances and undauntedly realistic war film redefine the entire genre.

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#8. The Green Mile

The film might seem to be a mile long indeed, but it's absorbing as well as emotionally powerful. When men see a gentle giant weeping, they weep too! Please get some more tissues for them.

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#9. UP

A visual treat by Pixar would make them cry even before any dialogues appear. The journey portrays fun, excitement as well as the emotional roller coasters. It's an impeccably crafted film that's arranged with a total depth. There strikes an unlikely friendship which may attract the men.

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#10. Rocky

Rocky has touched a million people. It's about an amateur boxer who gets a surprise shot at competing for the heavyweight championship. At the same time, he finds himself in the loving arms of a reclusive, shy woman who works at a local pet store!

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Let us know if you find any other appealing films that would make men cry, a little maybe or maybe more! Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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