What is more attractive to men- cuteness or hotness in a woman?

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What is more attractive to men- cuteness or hotness in a woman?

If someone asks me this question then my answer will be both. I am telling why?
Hot girls are attractive physically while cute girls are attractive for their charming personality.

All men are the sexual being. So the first thing looks attractive in women is the hot figure. In this context, hotness is more attractive in women. Hot girls are naturally beautiful with very attractive body figure. Men are attracted by visual impact only. So the visual impacts of a hot body over the men are very strong. In general, men are attracted to the hotness in the women.

On the other hand, cute girls are very youthful, full of life & innocent. The simple and charming face makes the men happy. The smile, the face cutting, and the feminine attitude are the quality of cute girls. Though cute girls are not so big as like hot girls but their tiny size has a special attraction for men.

The cuteness of girls attracts those who are in searching of a life partner. Cute girls are the perfect mate for spend time with, go for a movie and also perfect for taking to your mother.  

But in general Hotness is more attractive then cuteness.

Now a days women will prefer both qualities Hotness and Cuteness in fact she will also seek for education and his manners too.

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