Are all Men created Equal?

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Are all Men created Equal?

'All men are created equal' is a perplexing statement, the constitution might emphasize on it, but the reality is extremely different. While there are those who hold true to this declaration, there are the skeptics who beg to differ.

In the world that operates by hierarchy, the very notion of all men being equal sounds unrealistic.

All Men Are Created Equal

The Declaration of Independence cites that all men are equal and it is said that the Bible says the same thing. Men are not unequal in the eyes of God. America has long been a source of hope for many, and it’s not surprising that the founding fathers of this nation believed in such principles. The idea though no matter how well thought of may not be a well-accepted one. Even if a person suspends their disbelief and accepts that all men are created equal, one cannot deny that the circumstances in which they are born to vary. These circumstances offer them different opportunities and some way not even have access to the gospels from where these words have emanated.

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Everyone Is Equal Constitution

The men who signed on the American Declaration of Independence may have held this belief that all men are equal, but there were those who differed from it as well. Thomas Jefferson who was a slave owner believed that neither were men born equal nor did they need to stay that way. This bitter truth is the foundation on which every society is based upon. The most important characteristic of every society is its inequality and the very basis on which social hierarchy exists.

Just like the ant society, humans have always had their roles assigned. The ants know where exactly they are placed in the social hierarchy; they are either a queen, a worker, or a male who is fit for nothing else except reproduction. Though in the human system, the roles are not so well defined and are complex. The utopian society that people dream of is completely non-existent and is only limited to what it is, which is a dream.

Importance Of Inequality

While claiming every person to be equal, we are slotting them in the same category. The idea that everyone is equal might seem very positive and humanistic, but it’s quite the opposite. Every individual is different from each other and it is important to accept those differences as they represent their positive and negative trait. One's race or gender might fall into the neutral category but not their characteristics. The very idea that our traits make us different and unequal is one that needs to be accepted and to stay in denial of this fact is not something one can base their life on.

What are your views on all men being equal?  Do you think this is a humanist perspective or do you think it represents a fallacy of mankind and his view of himself? Also, do you think the debate should rather be on equality between the genders?Share your views using the comment box below?

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It depends on what type of equality you mean: tautological, ontological, or equality of condition, opportunity, or outcome. In the 'All men are created equal' sense, we all start out equal, which is to say living and breathing. This does not mean, following this logic and not my opinion, that we are considered equal in any other meaningful way. 

Earlier this month, I wrote about this more fully on my blog.

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