What qualities in a woman prompt men to pop the question?

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What qualities in a woman prompt men to pop the question?

There are some traits that every man looks for in a life partner. When a man meets a woman who has all these traits, he will definitely propose her for marriage.

Although the traits vary from person to person, there are some common traits.

Let’s look at the 5 top qualities in a woman that prompt men to pop the question “Will you marry me?

1. Honesty and Being real

Men want a woman whom they can completely trust. He will look for a woman who will not lie to him and will be honest even in tricky situations. Men like women who are real and genuine. So if he finds a woman who is comfortable in her skin, laughs uncontrollably and is her real self, he will want to marry her.

2. Share some interests

A man will automatically be drawn to a woman who shares some of his interests such as music, books and movies.

3. Intelligence

Men would love to spend their entire life with an intelligent woman who can keep the conversation interesting. Men love stimulating conversations and therefore intelligence is a quality that most men look for in a woman.

4. Confidence

A woman who is confident and loves herself is a secure woman. She knows her flaws and yet loves herself. Such a woman can love a man with all his imperfections. Men get drawn to confident women.

5. Affectionate

Men want a warm and affectionate woman when they think of marriage. A woman, who hugs him after a tiring day, makes him a cup of coffee and kisses him randomly makes a man feel wanted and loved.

These are some of the qualities in a woman that prompts men to pop the question.

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