Gong of Patriotism by Indian Supreme Court

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Gong of Patriotism by Indian Supreme Court

Indian Supreme Court has rang the gong of patriotism on Wednesday. It gave the decision of playing national anthem in all the cinema halls in India before the feature film starts and everyone present in the hall has to stand up to show respect towards national anthem.

Day-by-day people are moving away from patriotism. National anthem is important part of constitutional patriotism and it shows our love for our motherland. So Supreme Court took this step to make people inclined towards their nation. Though the court has not declared any punishment for people who don’t stand up in the respect of the national anthem, but it is sad that court had to remind the people of India about showing love towards their own country.

It is the duty of every citizen to respect the ideals and institutions of the Constitution, the National flag and the National anthem.

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