From Ponytails To Winnie The Pooh: 9 Strangest Things That Have Been Banned Around The World

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From Ponytails To Winnie The Pooh: 9 Strangest Things That Have Been Banned Around The World

Humans have the tendency to do what they are refrained from. Most often things that are not acceptable have a strong reasoning for their prohibition, but there are countless things all around the globe that are banned for strange reasons. 

In many cases, the object or activity that is banned sounds harmless, such as Winnie the Pooh, or unavoidable, such as death. Here are some of the strangest things that are banned around the world:

#1. Death in Svalbard, Norway

No one really looks forward to death but in this Norwegian archipelago, you are outright forbidden from dying. The ones who imposed the rule very well understand that death is a natural function and cannot be regulated, hence the twist to the rule is that you die outside in some other place. The reason for this strange ban is that the frozen ground of that place will not be able to keep a body buried and will push it back on the surface.

(Image Courtesy: Fjord Travel Norway)

#2. Vacuum Cleaners in Victoria, Australia

No, the people of Victoria do not have a fondness for dust but instead, have a strong dislike for noise and noisy neighbors. Such strong is their dislike for noise pollution that they have gone to the extent of banning people from using their vacuum cleaners during certain hours of the day.

(Image Courtesy: Familypedia)

#3. Frowning in Milan, Italy

There is nothing more beautiful than a smiling face, but to keep smiling all the time can be a tad bit tiring not to mention make you look obtuse. In Milan, though, you need to make sure that there is no frown creasing the lines of your face and in case you don’t smile you will have to pay a hefty fine.

(Image Courtesy: Musement)

#4. Chewing Gum in Singapore

In case you are planning to visit or travel to Singapore, then make sure that you don’t carry any chewing gum as it can land you in trouble. The country prohibits the import and sale of chewing gums. In case you spit out a chewing gum on the street you will be imposed with a fine of $500.

(Image Courtesy: Be Like Bro)

#5. Flip-Flops in Capri, Italy

Italy is perhaps famous for imposing strange bans and in the Island of Capri, it would be advisable to ditch your flip-flops and other sandals that make a loud noise.

(Image Courtesy: Ellis Bridals)

#6. Winnie the Pooh in Tuszyn, Poland 

He might be a beloved and adored figure world over but in Poland, Winnie the Pooh is just a half naked bear with a dubious sexuality or so the authority thinks. He is banned from playgrounds as he is considered to be inappropriate for kids.

(Image Courtesy: Bustle)

#7. E.T movie in Scandinavia

E.T was the most appreciated and successful movie for kids but it was banned in the Scandinavian nations for turning children against adults; as grown-ups were shown as the enemies in the movie. They were worried about how this would affect the susceptible mind of a child.

(Image Courtesy: Sony Centre for the Performing Arts)

#8. Lip Synching in Turkmenistan

President Saparmurat Niyazov put a ban on this harmless activity in order to preserve the culture of their country. Opera and ballet couldn’t escape the scrutiny of the President as well.

(Image Courtesy: The Odyssey Online)

#9. Men sporting ponytails in Iran

In case you are a man and experimental with your hair length, then Iran is not the place for you. The country has major problems to tackle yet the Iranian government felt that regulating fashion is far more important and banned men from sporting ponytails, mullets, and hair that was too spiky.

(Image Courtesy: Business Insider)

These are just a few to name. Did you know there are many more strange bans around the world, such as yellow clothes in Malaysia, blue jeans in North Korea, Scrabble in Romania, reincarnation without the government's consent in China, etc.? Well, we want to know your opinion on it and are there any other strangest bans from around the world that you would like to share with us.

Winnie the Pooh in Tuszyn, Poland

Who on earth bans Winnie the Pooh!

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