Are women mentally stronger than men?

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Are women mentally stronger than men?

Men are so associated with physical strength.

But, when it comes to mental strength or being emotionally stronger, women generally wins the race. According to the research studies done on Human Psychology, women are 5 times more emotionally stronger, when compared to the men. Men are sensitive, emotional and extremely touchy, when it comes to sentiments.

Emotionally stronger means patience, not easily discouraged by disappointments, have the potential to accept criticism, can learn from one's own and others mistakes and most importantly, can face challenges and overcome them quite boldly. Women have the ability of recovering from emotional heartbreaks and wounds quite quickly as compared to that of the men. 

At the same time, it's not universally correct. Apart from the gender issue, it's the maturity, which is equally important in handling emotional turbulence in a person's life. How cool and calm a person is lays the significant role. It's not always true that only the experienced person will be matured. Maturity comes from learning through the situations.

Also, it is proven that women gain maturity of brain and physical development at quite a younger age, when compared to that of men. A woman acts much maturely, when compared to a man given a similar circumstances. Thus, the biological composition of women along with some of the inherent traits make them emotionally stronger as compared to the men of same age.

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woman's are more stronger when she is in emotional..


That is a difficult question to answer.

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