10 Best Short Films On The Web

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10 Best Short Films On The Web

Who wouldn’t want to watch a movie in just a span of few minutes? In the era when people cannot afford to spend a couple of hours in a movie theatre but are looking for a fulfilling movie treat, short films come to the rescue. Watching short films on video streaming platforms like Youtube has been a popular trend now. Here is a list of a few brilliant short films-

#1. That Sunday

This short film was selected for the Cannes Film Festival. It spectacularly depicts the story of a woman and her sick husband. The woman had kept a disturbing secret from her husband, which is revealed at the end of the film.

(Image Courtesy: A Potpourri Of Vestiges)

#2. The Camera

A Peter Lewis film, The Camera is a mysterious narrative of a girl who finds an odd camera in an abandoned beach house. She takes on a photography spree only to discover that the camera could reveal things that no photographer would expect.

(Image Courtesy: Artbo)

#3. The Day After Everyday

The short film has been made by Anurag Kashyap and has Radhika Apte in the lead role. The film looks into the issue of eve teasing. While giving a message of confronting the issue of molestation, the film provides the audience a larger picture of rape culture in the background.

(Image Courtesy: Stop Commotion)

#4. Nayantara’s Necklace

Made under the direction of Jaydeep Sarkar, Nayantara’s Necklace entails an uncanny friendship of two women and provides a spectacular depiction of women from the middle classes. Watching Konkana Sen Sharma and Tillotma Shome in the lead role is a delight.

(Image Courtesy: India Independent Films)


Directed by Ben Briand, APRICOT is a story of a man who tries to recall his past with the help of a woman. Beginning with an intriguing dinner date as the set up, the film will whisk you away to a dreamy world in just a short span of 10 minutes.

(Image Courtesy: Vimeo)

#6. Oktapodi

A three minute animated masterpiece, Oktapodi is a tale of how two octopi fight for their survival with a mulish chef and manage to elope from the streets of a Greek village. The film gives you a wonderful visual experience in a span of three minutes.

(Image Courtesy: Faaf TV)

#7. Raasta

Directed by Digvijay Chauhan, the film revolves around the lives of two boys who survive by begging on the streets of Mumbai. The film was screened at Mumbai Film Festival in the year 2011.

(Image Courtesy: Youtube)

#8. The Trail’s End

Robots and humans converging has been a popular trend now. Written and directed by David Rosenbaum, The Trail’s End recaptures the iconic Bonnie and Clyde. The film provides a fresh take on the hackneyed concept of human- robot union.

(Image Courtesy: Kriscabrera)

#9. The Ten Steps

The Ten Steps, directed by Brendan Muldowney is a suspense- filled narrative. The film is set in Ireland and revolves around the story of a family who recently moved to a big-old house that is apparently rumored to be haunted.

(Image Courtesy: Imgur)

#10. Bypass

Bypass was made in the year 2003 by Amit Kumar. The film is set in the barren lands of Rajasthan and does not constitute subtitles or dialogues. What makes it all the more special is that the iconic actors, Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, were cast in the lead role.

(Image Courtesy: Youtube)

Tell us about your favorite short film. We would love to hear from you. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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I believe that short films are quite a replacement for mainstream cinema as people nowadays have less time to watch a full-length movie. 

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