7 Hilarious Spoofs Of Famous Movies That Are A Must-Watch

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7 Hilarious Spoofs Of Famous Movies That Are A Must-Watch

Humor takes up many forms but if there is one form that is thoroughly entertaining than that’s parody. Watching movies is fun but watching a certain movie many times makes it a watered down experience, that’s when parodies emerge. They pick out the slightest inaccuracies or a scene that gets too famous for its good and turn it into something unimaginably hilarious. 

Spoofs though are short-lived and do not possess a long shelf life, they come and go with each new movie. Despite this trend, some parodies have gone on to become just as famous as the movies they spoofed. Here's a list of some of these must-watch parodies.

#1. Airplane

This 1980 satirical American comedy is a spoof of the disaster movie genre. Inspired by famous disaster movies such as The Towering Inferno, The Poseidon Adventure, and Airport films, the film relies on amazing gags, cleverly thrown in puns to make the act hilarious. The deadpan straight-faced dialogue delivery by the actors adds to the hilariously stupid plot of the movie. Ted Striker is a former fighter pilot is left with no option but to fly the plane and save the day after the real pilot of the plane is knocked out by some ruffians.

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#2. Young Frankenstein

Perhaps one of the best spoof films to be ever made, Young Frankenstein made its way to many best comedies list and even got its name in the National Film Registry in 2003. The movie made in 1974 is a fine example of taking the best scenes from the original and reconstructing them as a spoof. Marty Feldman and Peter Boyle were marvelous in their role of Igor and The Monster. The finesse that went into the detailing is equally good as the comic timing of the actors.

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#3. Spaceballs

Star Wars is more than a movie; rather it would be no stretch to call it a cult of its own. It has spawned countless spoofs, but only one stood the test of time as strongly as the original movie itself. Spaceballs was released back in 1987, and it was the most thorough parody of the great series. The portrayal of Darth Vader who had become one of the most dreaded villains of all time was perhaps the funniest aspect of the movie which is altogether a laughing riot.

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#4. Scary Movie

Slasher movies were a huge hit in the 90s, the plot line that generally involved a masked killer running rampant and killing his victims in strategic locations was being done to death. Then came Scary Movie in 2000 and showcased what was running in our mind while watching the famous Scream movies. The horror comedy movie also had notable names like Carmen Electra and Anna Faris. The movie features several gags that are outside the horror genre as well.

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#5. Not Another Teen Movie

Another thing that people in the 90s just couldn’t get enough of were teenage movies. The story of a heartthrob going out with the meanest most gorgeous girl in high school and then having to befriend the oddball who finally emerges from the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan had inspired many movies. A Walk To Remember and 10 Things I Hate About You are examples of such teen movies. Then in 2001 came Not Another Teen Movie which was loaded with hilarious gags and jokes on this genre and also had Chris Evans playing the lead.

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#6. Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Robin Hood is a famous fictional figure that has spewed countless movies and animation which features the brave thief and his fight against injustice. Robin Hood: Men in Tights is not one of them, this 1993 musical adventure comedy is just as slapstick as the title itself. It is a hilarious spoof that thrived on two things; Dave Chappelle and really tight pants.

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#7. Superhero Movie

Everyone loves superheroes despite the fact that the idea of a man suddenly possessing superpowers and wielding them to protect the city from sudden alien attack is hard to digest. As entertaining as superheroes are, they are the perfect contenders for a parody movie which is what this 2008 released superhero comedy film is about.

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Which is your favorite parody movie? Was it as good or better than the original?  Give us your feedback using the comment box given below. We look forward to your replies.

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