Batman vs Superman: Who is the better superhero?

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Batman vs Superman: Who is the better superhero?

The superheroes have always captivated our minds.

There are many kinds of superheroes in our adventurous world. But the two names that pop up are Superman and Batman. Umpteen number of movies are there based on the life story of these two superheroes which need not to say are all super hits Their unique dressing or fighting style and their villains too are simply awesome. But personally I think Batman is better than Superman for the following reasons.

1. Humanistic trait

Batman is simply an ordinary human being. He does not possess any kind of superhuman powers unlike Superman who comes from a different planet. He was lucky enough to born to wealthy parents. But being a witness and reason to his parent’s death, was severe jolt to his childhood. Then onward he donned the garbs of a socialite but with an inner fury of hatred towards criminals.

2. Fighting style

Batman doesn’t employ any superhuman powers but on the other hand his mastery in fighting and scientific skills helps him in capturing the criminals.

3. The dressing style

His decision to don the bat figure is perfect as bat is a creature of night and most of the criminal activities happen at night. The very presence of him instills fear in the minds of every criminal/

Unlike Superman who saves the world from evil, Batman’s activities are within parameters of his city. But as the story goes, conquering the city is a gateway for villain to conquer the world, which remains beyond my logic.

Whatever be the logic, these stories and characters continues to make merry in the minds of every generations. So my favourite remains Batman, what about you? 

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