What's the difference between DC and Marvel Superheroes?

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What's the difference between DC and Marvel Superheroes?

The war between Marvel and DC has raged for ages and growing up we were either Team Batman or Team Spiderman. The nerds had long taken a stand on which universe brings to them the best superheroes. It was not about a cap donning crime fighting men with superpowers, it was about the gadgets, the back story and the emotional connection that the superhero had with the audience.

Both the DC and the Marvel universe has generated a plethora of comic heroes and each one has its own appeal. Despite many common factors among superheroes, there is a strong distinction and each universe has its own spin on it. Here are some major differences between superheroes of the two realms:


The DC superheroes have a strong backstory and one knows why Bruce Wayne chose to become the night crusader, and why Clark Kent became a savior of humanity. Despite Diana being from another world, we understand her earnest determination to save the mankind. On the contrary, in the Marvel universe, even a good backstory is also devoid of depth and has a very flimsy set up like Deadpool. Peter Parker has had a bad past that made him put on the mask of Spiderman but he still remained a light and humorous character. Similarly, Deadpool is hilarious but he lacks the appeal and grittiness of his DC counterparts.

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The way the heroes got their power and also their acceptance of this whole new-self is handled differently in both the universes. When on one hand, you have the likes of Wonder Woman, Superman, and Supergirl who were born to protect and fight, on the other, you have Batman who has no super powers and fights only using his strength, wit, and gadgets. The former had no problem taking on their roles and the latter chose it for himself, whereas the Marvel universe has superheroes who were forced to take on the role of a savior. Bruce Banner cannot come to terms with his new-self and Peter considers his gift as a curse. In the end, they do fight but they would rather choose a normal course of life being regular people.

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In the DC universe, the story is always based in fictional places, unlike Marvel. Gotham maybe similar to some US cities in term of the dark ambiance and crime rate, but it is still a fictional place that actually does not exist. This though gives a lot of freedom to create places and take the story line further for the writer or the director but has no realism. In the Marvel universe, though the stories are always based in real cities, a hero is born and raised in Manhattan and grows up to defend his hometown. These are the places an audience can relate to, and there is nothing fictional about it. During an attack, we see skyscrapers and buildings being hit in New York instead of a fictional Metropolis.

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All in all both the universes are pretty fantastic in their own ways and fans are not going to be changing sides anytime soon. DC would always remain the dark and extremely gritty universe where you know why your favorite hero chose to take up his or her fight. One would always understand why Bruce Wayne puts on his cape every night and be a vigilant guardian at the cost of his personal happiness. 

So are you a fan of Marvel or your loyalty lies with DC? Share your feedback using the comment box below.

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