Why is game of Thrones awesome?

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Why is game of Thrones awesome?

Because of the slow nature of the show and too many casting, the show is very much boring for some people. For those who don't like this show which is aired on HBO will be surprised when they get the news that Games of Thrones is one of the most popular shows in American history.

Some questions must roam in our head who find this show a bit boring one, is how it becomes so much popular? and why so many viewers like this show so much? Of course, there are some reasons that lay behind the show which makes this show a popular one. 

What are the causes of popularity 

1.  Women Power
So many women viewers have shown their love towards this epic saga Games of Thrones, The main reason for this popularity is, the show has shown the rise of women power again and again in the man dominant world.  The women viewers can easily relate this to the real modern world where they are still facing some difficulties.

2. The emotional attachment to every story 
Not only the author of the storybook George R.R. Martin but also the show runners David Benioff and Dan Weiss has staged the show beautifully so that we can feel the emotional attachment towards each character. Due to the emotional attachment, we viewers again wait for the next week's showtime.

3. The stunning landscapes 
Just like the Lord Of The Rings, the show runners gifted us beautiful, stunning landscapes. Along with the story if the background is so much awe-inspiring then it will definitely win the hearts of all the viewers.

4. No-one can predict what will happen next
This is also the beauty of Game of Thrones. As the story has so many characters and plot-lines, it is next to impossible to predict what will happen next. 

5. Love for violence 
 In this show, we can get so much shocking violent scenes which obviously attracts viewers who love violence.  

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Yes, the series of Games of Thrones it is world wide popular and famous series, yes it is awesome.

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