Game Of Thrones Trivia: 9 Most Mind Boggling Facts About GoT

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Game Of Thrones Trivia: 9 Most Mind Boggling Facts About GoT

Game Of Thrones is an American fantasy drama series, which is an adaptation of the book ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ by George R.R Martin. The show gained humongous popularity from the first season itself due to its outrageous characters, overly complicated storyline and extensive picturization.

While all of us stay hooked to HBO for the latest season of Game Of Thrones premiering on July 16, 2017, we have a list of 9 interesting facts about the show which are mostly theories derived by its ardent viewers.

#1. GoT had set the record of winning most Emmys in a single year. It won a dozen awards out of its 24 nominations. The viewership of the show has also been the talk of the town. Already starting from a whopping 2.5 million viewers in the first season it is now catering to an impeccable audience of 25 million!


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#2. The show has been named the bloodiest shows ever. It has killed around 133 characters in just the first 4 seasons, maintaining an average of 4.5 deaths per episode till now. It is known for breaking the viewer’s heart by time and again killing their favorite characters. Too much killing indeed!

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#3. The 'Red Wedding' scene, seen as the cruelest killing episode of the season, was not a fiction but was based on real incidences. Apparently, the author was inspired by the betrayal marked by two dark events in Scottish history: the Black Dinner of 1440 and the Massacre of Glencoe from 1692.

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#4. Surprise, Surprise!! Jaqen H'ghar and Syrio Forel, Arya's old fencing instructor are the same. Both the characters speak a similarly cryptic language and are fond of Arya. Despite her numerous failed attempts they both are still inclined on teaching her ways to deal with difficult situations. The repetition of the character is even confusing to the actor playing them and calls it a part of the bigger plan!

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#5. Remember the incest of Jamie and Cersei? Well, if any of you shipped for the two then you might be disappointed to know that as per Cersei’s prophecy Jamie might assassinate her. They did give out a hint of it in Season 6 when Jamie was flamed with Cersei’s crowning.

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#6. Euron Greyjoy’s introduction gave us a peep into his intentions of taking over the Iron Throne by making alliances with Daenerys. But to his misfortune, Yara and Theon took over the opportunity. So his possible next move could be to ally with Cersei, the woman already on the throne. Maybe some wedding bells are awaiting us!

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#7. When we say wedding bells, we can not ignore the little air of love that passed between Tyrion and Daenerys. The end of Season 6 did show them together with Tyrion reassuring the Khaleesi saying that Dario wasn't the first to love her, and he won't be the last either. Love's going to be the flavor of Season 7 !!

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#8. Daenerys' dragons are named Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. Dragon is named after her husband Khal Drogo; Rhaegal is named after her brother Rhaegar Targaryen, and Viserion is named after her abusive brother Viserys. She named them on the people she lost.

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#9. In Westeros, bastards who were born to nobles are given surnames different than their father's. They are based on the region they were born in, mostly in context with the geographic or climatic features of the respective regions. The ones born in The Riverlands get the surname Rivers; those born in the Dorne get Sand and the ones born in The North gets Snow. Let’s hope Jon Snow knows this at the least! (Cause Jon Snow knows nothing :p)

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Are there more interesting facts that we have not covered in the list? Tell us about it! Comment on the box below to share your opinion and views.

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