5 Game Of Thrones Fan Theories That Might Be True

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5 Game Of Thrones Fan Theories That Might Be True

The fight for the Iron Throne is a one filled with blood and grime. The contenders are many, and the fight keeps getting deadly with each passing episode.

 As fans root for their favorites, the suspense for the real successor to the Iron Throne just gets more thrilling and blood drenched. Game of Thrones has steadily gone on to attain a cult status that only a few can achieve. 

Each passing season has only added fuel to the fire, and with two episodes of GoT Season 7 already aired, it is already surrounded by a lot of theories. We bring the 5 best Game of Thrones' fan theories that might be true.

#1. Danny Will Win The Iron Throne

The most popular theory that surrounds the show is that the Mother of Dragons is going to take back the Iron Throne. Daenerys Targaryen has undoubtedly been the most popular character on the show, and her journey from being a coy princess to Khal Drogo’s beloved wife and finally a fierce leader has taken a lot of interesting turns. Having three dragons by her side can help her turn the tables in her favor.

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#2. Death Awaits All

This is another theory that may prove to be true. When all these powerful characters face each other in the final war, there are more chances of everyone meeting their death. The show has never disappointed us regarding death and bloodshed, and it might just take things a notch higher in the end.

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#3. The White Wall Falls

The Wall has been guarding the seven kingdoms against the might of the White Walkers for decades now. However,many fans speculate that it might finally come down once the Walkers come with an entire army. The recent episode of the show also showed 2 giants in the White army, and they could help in bringing the famed wall down.

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#4. Daenerys and Jon Snow Will Rule Together

Ever since it was revealed that Jon’s mother is Lyanna Stark, a lot of fans have formed a theory that Daenerys and Jon Snow share the same blood. The theory also suggests that the two are also related to the white walkers. If this by any chance is true, we would have a highly unusual Night King and Queen.

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#5. The White Walkers Battle The Mighty Dragons

If Daenerys Targaryen and the White Walkers face each other in the battleground, the former would bring good use of her scaly fire-breathing children to wipe out the icy opponents. Dragons are few of the only creatures that can take down the walkers but the situation can go a whole lot awry if the walkers turn one of the dragons into an ice dragon.

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Are you a huge fan of the show Game Of Thrones or do you think its highly over-rated? Do share your opinions and views on the show and its characters using the comment box below.

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