It's Time To Get Monday Motivation Through Television Serials

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It's Time To Get Monday Motivation Through Television Serials

TV shows are not just for wasting away our weekends! Sometimes they can teach you valuable life lessons through the characters and the dialogues.

We look at some interesting and inspiring thoughts by characters in hit TV shows for some Thursday inspiration.


The brilliant lawyer, Harvey Specter has some amazing things to teach his protégé, Mike Ross, and we are taking a note.
Have goals, work hard and achieve them. Have more goals. Work harder.

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Working is the best exercise, for you, for your pocket and your life.

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House M. D.

Dr. House is a cynic but has wisdom about life’s complex nature. Truth does bite!

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If you are successful in life, you will have haters. So, just chill and enjoy their jealousy.

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Don't blame time. Blame your inactions. The best time to start doing something is now.

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Game of Thrones 
Tyrion Lannister drinks wine and knows things. Amidst the women and the intoxication, he churns out some wit that is worth taking note.
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The deviousness of Petyr Baelish know no bounds but he can certainly teach you a bit or two about the insatiable nature of unending desires.

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Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to see it and overcome it. Game Of Thrones reminds us that bravery emerges only when we come face to face with things that scare us. Those moments can make you or break you, the decision is solely yours.

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House of Cards 
Frank Underwood is a deadly politician, and we mean that literally. Through his eyes, we see some ugly facts about the political world.
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You have got everything in you what it takes to emerge as a warrior.

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Breaking Bad 
Walter White was a subdued Chemistry teacher in a school until cancer knocked at his door. His journey towards dealing in drugs to pay off his medical bills gave him an iron will and how!

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Walter White is a true warrior at heart and one can't help but draw courage from his nothing-can–scare-me attitude.  

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Brilliant minds come with a shade of unusual and they are very disparaging towards the common mind. Sherlock wins us over not just with his wit but also his sarcasm.

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Get motivated as you enjoy watching these amazing TV series. Don't just wish to become Harvey Specter or Jon Snow, get up and work and be the best version of you. 

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