What does 'Every rose has its thorn' Mean?

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What does 'Every rose has its thorn' Mean?
  • The phrase that every rose has its thorn is not relatively a new one, and you must have come across it thousands of time. Did it ever make you scratch your head and actually wonder what does every rose has its thorn means.

  • The phrase has a beautiful and fairly simple yet profound meaning which makes it so famous.

  • What does 'Every Rose has its Thorn' Mean?

    This famous proverb is generally used to make people understand a very basic yet important teaching. It is to denote that nobody is perfect and every person is riddled with flaws. Even a flower as beautiful as the rose has certain flaws but that does not take away its beauty. There is rather a specific plant in the rose family called Hawthorn, this type of rose has thorns that are toxic to the eye and scratching them on the cornea can lead to a loss of the vision. A good example of this is having a  dog who is sometimes a menace to handle but still brightens up your life.
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    There is another such proverb that originated from Persia and means that “He who wants a rose must respect the thorn" which means to accept something fully inclusive of all its faults. The similar expression that every rose has its thorn has another meaning in Greek which is that imperfection can grow into something marvelous one day. 

    The song Every Rose has its Thorn.'

    This phrase grew all the more famous after the famous singer of the band Poison, Bret Michaels composed a song around this phrase in response to a failed love affair. He explained the metaphor where the rose was his career that was going strong, and the thorn was his relationship that was going sour. In the end becoming a well-known singer cost him his career. Though, he took the rose with the thorns and never regretted his decision.

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This proverb is used to describe the peculiar human nature. It implies that nothing is devoid of flaws. Everything whether it is living or non-living, possesses some pros and cons, which needs to be accepted with equal grace. Like the rose plant, epitomizes beauty and elegance that is unparalleled. However, it has still got thorns on it. This can be perceived in a positive light that thorns protect the delicate rose and acts as a strong defense mechanism. He/She who respects a rose, a beauty, a person must also respect and accept the thorns, the flaws, the negatives associated with the external beauty. Nothing is perfect in this world. Similarly, something as stunning as a rose or eternal beauty can also never stay so attractive without any fallacies.

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