Where did 'Houston We Have A Problem' come from?

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Where did 'Houston We Have A Problem' come from?

Have you been hearing people using the phrase ‘Houston there is a problem’ or even ‘Houston we have a problem’? Do you find it hard to make sense of it sometimes? Are you not being able to understand why people keep using this phrase when they are faced with a crisis?

You are not the only one who may be confused regarding the usage of this phrase. At the same time, there are a huge number of people who use the phrase and find it pretty relevant for various instances.

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What Is The Meaning Of This Phrase?

Originally it was used for reporting a life threatening situation and was the line used for communication during a crisis. But in today’s day and age, it is simply used to refer to any situation that may be horrifying or even a minimal crisis. The use has been evolving over the years. Currently, it is also used humorously to refer to a problem.

When Was It Originally Used?

This was first used on April 13, in the year 1970, by the Apollo 13 mission to the moon. There was an onboard explosion which took place. This was the expression used by the astronaut on board to inform the authorities about the problem they were facing. The exact phrase used was something around “Houston we’ve had a problem.”

Where Do People Use It Now?

This phrase is used to refer to any problem you may be facing; it can be a small issue or even something big. There is no rule regarding the utilization of this phrase. It can be used with a dash of humor and also for referring to a serious crisis.

Did this article clear all you doubt regarding the phrase? Do you wish to know more about the usage of this phrase? Do comment in the box below and let us know your opinion.

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