Who said 'Home is Where the Heart is'? What does it mean?

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Who said 'Home is Where the Heart is'? What does it mean?

It is amusing and ironical that a proverb said so long ago is immensely significant today as well. The origin to the proverb “Home is where the heart is” is given by Roman naval commander and naturalist, Pliny the Elder. He was formerly known as Gaius Plinius Secundus. 

Naval must have had a keen idea that what and where the home is. Undoubtedly the concept lies in returning to the place where you belonged or have spent the most cherished time of your life.

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The proverb identifies that home is where you are loved and accepted. Lately, this proverb has been personified to the people that home is in a specific person rather than a place. The comfortable place or company of someone where there is no fear of judgment or complex. All you can find at ‘your home’ is a solace. No matter wherever you go, you ultimately end up being at the place or with a person you belong to.

This proverb celebrates the idea of comfort and love. It captures the versatility of the term ‘Home’ and does not bound it to be merely a place. Some people consider the people they share their life with as more important than the place that can ever be. The saying does explain not only the importance of real home but also abandons the materialistic approach towards life. Home is not just confined to a physical building, but developing a relationship with someone which helps heart to find the home.

Philosophically, the proverb also breaks the stereotype of an idolized home. Home does not come with any criteria. It breaks the barrier between poor and rich. The one interpretation of this saying also embraces the idea of settling down. Love creates a true home. Therefore, the saying is worth remembering.

“Home is where the heart is” a perfect proverb to describe the importance of a loving home. Hence, the concept of home and heart can never be separated; they go hand in hand.

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This is a very profound statement and it shows that home is not made of physical things such as walls or furniture but rather a place that you are emotionally connected with. Four walls and interiors are a feature that is found everywhere and a short stay is enough to get you accustomed to the place but you can’t call it home. The larger truth is that it's not the physical things but the people that you love who turn a house into a home. The warmth that you get when you enter your home and the familiar faces that bring you a sense of comfort is what home really is. So the place and the people who have your heart is where your home really is. It is a feeling that cannot be replaced by anything else in the world.


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