Are Superheroes Real?

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Are Superheroes Real?

One thing we have learned from movies like Spiderman and Batman is that being a superhero is cool! Imagine cruising around the city in the Batmobile or fighting crime with surreal strength like Superman! Who wouldn’t want to live the life of a superhero, right? While some of us want to be one to take out all the criminals, others just wish to date hot women. But whatever may be the reason; nobody can deny that being a superhero is amazing. 

If you are wondering if superheroes are real or not, let us assure you that there is no such thing as a superhero in real life like we have in movies. No billionaire guy is dressing like an animal to beat criminals or an alien from a faraway planet that can fly and shoot laser from his eyes. So, in case you are stuck in a fire, don’t wish for Flash, Spiderman or Batman to come pick you up, instead, just hope that the firefighters get there on time.

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Becoming A Superhero

However, if you believe in movies, then there are some ways you can gain superhuman powers. Here’s how you can do it:

#1. Get Bit By A Radioactive Insect

If it worked for Peter Parker, it might work for you as well. According to a professor of astronomy and physics at the University of California, Michael Dennin, this is also the safest way for you to do so; technically. He also explains that in order to make sure that the impact is significant, make sure the spider you have is a normal spider carrying retrovirus. Hopefully, the virus transmitted through the bite would bring about noticeable changes and help you climb walls.

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#2. Take Serum And Become Captain America

We have been taking drugs like anabolic steroids to grow our bodies for a long time now. Many also argue that there are no limitations to what we can do if we were so inclined. While this might work, there is another option you can consider. You can undergo gene therapy which can help you improve muscle growth and performance.

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#3. Build A Suit

We think your best option would be building a suit, but there are still many things that even great scientists of our generation haven’t figured out yet. For instance, how would you generate the power and keep the suit from melting from all the heat produced? Perhaps, not as easy as it sounds.

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Real-Life Superheroes

Believe it or not, but some superheroes exist among us. These are not people with astounding powers and abilities like those in movies, but just good Samaritans who wish to fight crime in their capacity. Like Phoenix Jones who patrolled the streets of Seattle, Washington in a mask. Coming from a mixed martial arts background, Jones aka Benjamin John Francis Fodo has stopped car thefts, bus hijackings, street fights and several attempts of assault.

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Vancouver, Canada has its superhero known as Thanatos. It may sound like a weird name for someone who fights crime as in Greek mythology, Thanatos was the personification of death, but that is what the man chose. Donning a black hat, black trench coat and a green skull mask, Thanatos, whose real identity is unknown, not only fights criminals but also helps the poor on the streets by offering them food and clothes.

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We know you must want be waiting to see a woman superhero here. You can rejoice because we do have one for you but this one comes from another corner of the world. A female caped-crusader, wearing a blue mask has been spotted on the streets of Beijing, China providing food to homeless people. While her real identity is unknown, she calls herself the ‘Chinese Redbud Woman.'

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It’s now time that you tell us what you think. Do you want to be a superhero? What powers would you want to have? Which is the most practical way to becoming a superhero? Share with us through your comments below. We look forward to your responses.

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