5 Negative Characters From Harry Potter You Might Secretly Find Lovable

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5 Negative Characters From Harry Potter You Might Secretly Find Lovable

Potter fans are a strange and interesting bunch. We grew up believing in magic and despite the disapproval of our muggle friends we continue to believe in the vast magical land that is Hogwarts. Sadly, our letters from the school of witchcraft and wizardry never arrived but that has not deterred us from following in the footsteps of our favorite characters from the book and wanting to be like them in real life too.

If you are a Potter head that has had a soft corner for Slytherin, you are bound to relate with these lovable baddies.

#1. Severus Snape

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It would be grossly unfair to call Snape a bad guy. One of the most under- rated heroes of the movie, he was always misunderstood and yet managed to save the day and made people sob. Snape was always presented as a bad guy whose true allegiance were never disclosed but all that changed in the last book where we learned about his sad and brave life. To have a good heart and do great deeds without getting their due for it, that in a nutshell makes you somewhat similar to Snape.

#2. Bellatrix Lestrange

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Let’s be honest, she might be borderline deranged and evil but there was hardly any woman who made the dark side as appealing as her. Her cackle, those wild manes, and her seductive dressing all added to the charm but most important was that power which made her a force to reckon with. No one brings our sadistic urges out as much as Bellatrix Lestrange. Helena Bonham Carter only made her all the more intriguing and vicious.

#3. Draco Malfoy

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If you piss this one off, his father will hear about it. This handsome boy with his sleek blonde hair is a bully we all love to hate until of course he learned things the hard way and changed for the better. Draco has been an integral part of the Potter world and was always a character who thought he could be the ultimate baddie only to realize that being evil took more courage than he actually had. Nevertheless, Draco has strangely had a lot of appeal for Potter-heads and it has a lot to do with Tom Felton portraying him as well.

#4. Voldemort

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Everyone loves a bad guy and those who don’t are only lying about it. It’s the bad guy who brings in the thrill and the madness to a story and has us clinging to the edge of our seat. The dark side to all of us can relate all too well to the magic and madness of Voldemort who got too caught in ambition and his thirst for power. In the end, he still became a memorable figure despite his evil ways and that’s all that matters. Just Kidding!

#5. Gellert Grindelwald

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There is a reason Joker has a long list of fans, we all love a character that disrupts a society and sends them into a frenzy. Gellert Grindelwald is one such character of the Potter world. Handsome and intelligent, he had a way with words and magic. He is counted as one of the most dangerous wizards, only second to Voldemort, who brought the community to a standstill in the 1920s. We all love a baddie, especially one that gets thrown out of his school for being too much trouble and is portrayed by Johnny Depp. 

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