When Bollywood Meets Hollywood Standards: 7 Best Indian Movies

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When Bollywood Meets Hollywood Standards: 7 Best Indian Movies

Indian Cinema is full of impeccable talent when it comes to acting, directing, storytelling and what not! There can be hundreds of films that have marked their places in the minds and hearts of the public - not just in the country but worldwide. 

But just to name a few, we list 7 Indian movies that have met Hollywood standards. Or in other words, we can say, 7 best films that truly reflected the ethnicity along with the regional flavors that went at par even with the international standards. These portray greater cinematic sophistication, exude a universal appeal and have been enjoyed by a global audience.

#1. Margarita With A Straw 

Indian filmmakers, portraying issues like disability, have not been on the right way. They either resort to misguided sentimentality or just turn out to be completely manipulative. In certain cases, they even fail at showcasing the predicaments involved and unconsciously insult the sufferers. But, 'Margarita with a Straw' clearly and sensitively portrays a deep story with novel intentions. The ultimate filmmaking and storytelling talent directed the final product into a miraculous art piece.

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#2. Court

Examining and talking about the Indian judicial systems, this documentary film has largely gathered positive reviews in several international film festivals. It has been accoladed with more than 20 international and national awards. All of it justify the worldwide standard it acclaimed.

(Image Courtesy: The Indian Express)

#3. A Wednesday

In terms of sensibility and relatability, 'A Wednesday' has raised the standards of Indian cinema. It's probably amongst those films that have fewer to no haters. It is straight forward and gets to the point without detaching the viewer's mind. Being brilliantly paced, low budgeted yet immensely popular, 'A Wednesday' undoubtedly qualifies the tag of "Hollywood kind of movies".

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#4. Mera Naam Joker

This evergreen film definitely left an impression even though it flopped. The reason is simple - it was way ahead of its time. The film retains its charm till date. 'Mera Naam Joker' is a semi-autobiographical story by Raj Kapoor regarding the hardships, life, and philosophies of an entertainer. 

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#5. Lagaan

The film might not have won the Oscars but it's no less than other internationally acclaimed film. During those times, the nominations for the Oscars was in itself a moment of acknowledgment and appreciation. The film is audacious and it's great. But a few people believe that the failure to make a mainstream launch marred its probability to be chosen in the final analyses. Although Gowarikar and Aamir had a fair share at learning about the Hollywood politics, marketing, and distribution.

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#6. Baahubali

Unquestionably, Baahubali is seen to be a game changer that actually raised the bar for Indian films. In terms of visual effects, the production farmed out around 17 VFX companies along with other individual artists. It created a new language like that of Dothraki in the 'Game Of Thrones'. The film is quite popular and it has left almost no hearts untouched.

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#7. Jodha Akbar

This film could be a prolonged torture for some, but least do they understand that it's true form of richness. 'Jodha Akbar' surely seems like a bulky historical book but the hard work really shows on the screen. There aren't any boring moments and the 3 years long production time earns quite a lot of profit and gathers maximum eye balls.

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