Who is More Powerful & Successful Celebrity: Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah Winfrey?

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Who is More Powerful & Successful Celebrity: Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah Winfrey?

When we talk about female celebrities who changed the way we see the world, two names are bound to come up: Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres.

They didn’t have a lavish upbringing by any means. Oprah’s mother traveled the US only to escape poverty while Ellen’s family was essentially middle class.

However, both the women beat all the odds and established a name for themselves. And today, they have amassed a giant worth, and have constantly been pitted against each other. So, in the case of Ellen DeGeneres vs. Oprah Winfrey, who do you think has a better career? Let’s see if we can find an answer to that.

#1. Forbes Most Powerful Celebrity 

Oprah Winfrey’s Ranking: 1st

Oprah Winfrey

(Image Courtesy: The Source)

Ellen DeGeneres’s Ranking: 10th

While Oprah’s show is no longer active, she is still considered to be the most powerful celebrity in the world according to Forbes. While Ellen too, features on the list, she is way behind her counterpart. This clearly shows how influential Oprah is. In fact, while her show used to run, Oprah’s words were taken very seriously by the people of the US. If Oprah said something is good, then people felt that it is good indeed.

Ellen DeGeneres

(Image Courtesy: Ellen Tv)

#2. Net Worth

Oprah Winfrey: $2.7 billion

Ellen DeGeneres: $105 million

Oprah is the richest celebrity in the world along with being the richest African person. Having said that, she gained a massive net worth during the days of her show. Ellen, on the other hand, is surely not as rich as Oprah, but nonetheless, she still has a net worth to make anyone green in their stomachs.

Oprah Winfrey & Ellen DeGeneres’

(Image courtesy: The Hollywood Reporter)

#3. Homes

Oprah Winfrey: $50 million mansion

Oprah Winfrey: $50 million mansion

(Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

Ellen DeGeneres: $12 million mansion

Oprah’s mansion is situated in Montecito, California, which she purchased after her show was over in 2011. Ellen purchased her mansion before Oprah in the summer of 2008. It is a property that she co-owns with her wife Portia De Rossi, which the couple purchased from Brad Pitt. Her mansion is located in Malibu.

Ellen DeGeneres: $12 million mansion

(Image Courtesy: Houte Living)

#4. Source Of Income

Oprah’s show is no longer on-air, and despite that, she continues to be the richest woman billionaire. The main source of her income is her network OWN, which has a turnaround of about $250 million every year. Ellen, on the other hand, makes her money from her talk show, along with her Production Company, book sales, and spokesperson deals. She pockets around $50 million from all these ventures annually.

#5. Their Rides

Oprah Winfrey’s Ride: Private Jet

Ellen DeGeneres’ Ride: Porsche Turbo S

Whenever Oprah had to fly from one place to the other, she chooses to do that in style. She owns a Gulfstream G650, which is estimated to be around $47 million. Ellen, on the other hand, owns a top of the line Porsche Turbo S, which is worth around $160,000.

ellen degeneres

(Image Courtesy: Daily Mail)

#6. Their Shows

And finally, all this brings us to the main crux of the differences between the two celebrities: their shows. Oprah’s shows have always been considered to be for a mature audience, where she usually talked and discussed on topics that impacted the lives of the people of the US. Ellen, on the other hand, has a talk show that is designed to appeal more to the youth. Yes, her show is not quite as famous as Oprah’s, but the ratings of her show are on an upward climb.

There are certainly a lot of differences between the two women, and Oprah seems to hold a higher ground than her counterpart. However, it would be absolutely silly to judge the two on the basis of the money that they have and the rides they own. Thiers is a simple story: a journey of two girls who defeated the odds to establish themselves as the most important people on TV. And, this similarity is way beyond the realms of any apparent differences that they have.

Who do you like more, Ellen or Oprah? Let us know in the comments below.


Oprah Winfrey is more influential than Ellen DeGeneres. Though, they both are too famous to be compared but they have visible difference in terms of personal and financial lives. Oprah Winfrey had been awarded with the People’s Choice Award worth 2.7 billion whereas, Ellen DeGeneres had been awarded with the same worth 105 million. Oprah Winfrey earns up to 239.6 million and Ellen DeGeneres earns 50 million. They both have also been active participants as a philanthropist. As stated above, it is a clear indicator that Oprah Winfrey is more cogent than Ellen DeGeneres.   

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