15 Celebrities Who Had Odd Jobs Before They Made It Big

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15 Celebrities Who Had Odd Jobs Before They Made It Big

We all know our favorite celebrities for what they are on screen. While limiting their persona to their on screen performances, we skip a lot on what went into the making of celebrities. Quite often, their past becomes inconsequential for us, and we only see them as actors and performers. However, like all of us, various celebrities also had to undergo some uncanny professional phases. Here is a list of celebrities who had the weirdest of jobs before they made it big:-

#1. Jay Z

Before he started his career in music and became one of the best rappers of his time, Jay Z used to deal in drugs.

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(Image Courtesy: Complex)

#2. Victoria Beckham

The 'Spice Girl' rose to global fame in the late 90s. Well, before that she was cast in a BBC sex education show, as a sperm on roller skates.

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(Image Courtesy: Wallpapersdsc)

#3. Channing Tatum

The '21 Jump Street' star was not always into acting. Surprisingly, Tatum was a stripper before he began his career in Hollywood.

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(Image Courtesy: BOOMSBeat)

#4. Hugh Jackman

The Australian actor and singer had worked as a P.E. teacher and a party clown before he turned into a celebrity.

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(Image Courtesy: The Independent)

#5. Johnny Depp

Who could imagine Johnny Depp to take any other career than acting? Well, barring the fact that he could become a real- life pirate. Before Depp entered Hollywood, he used to sell pens on the phone.

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(Image Courtesy: People)

#6. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher was quite hilarious in ‘Dude Where’s My Car?’ Sigh! It does not change the fact that the heartthrob of millions used to clean dust in a cereal factory.

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(Image Courtesy: IndieWire)

#7. Rachel Mc Adams

The iconic Regina George and the ultimate 'Mean Girl', Rachel Mc Adams was a McDonald’s employee before turning into a Hollywood Diva.

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(Image Courtesy: Los Angeles Times)

#8. Jon Bon Jovi

The founder of the legendary rock band 'Bon Jovi', Jon Bon Jovi was a Christmas decoration maker.

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(Image Courtesy: Like Totally 80s)

#9. Matt LeBlanc

We all loved the sitcom 'Friends', and we all know that Joey doesn’t share food. But, that is not all about the actor who played the character on the show. Matt LeBlanc was a carpenter before he became a celebrity.

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(Image Courtesy: Los Angeles Times)

#10. Jim Carrey

Before the Canadian actor attained fame with his roles in movies like 'Dumb and Dumber', Jim Carrey worked as a cleaner in a factory.

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(Image Courtesy: Huffington Post)

#11. George Clooney

You think you know all about George Clooney? Well, the 'Ocean’s Eleven' star was a door to door salesman before he made it big in Hollywood.

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(Image Courtesy: CNBC)

#12. Brad Pitt

During his struggling phase as a college dropout and aspiring actor, Brad Pitt used to deliver refrigerator and also worked as a chicken mascot.

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(Image Courtesy: Fox News)

#13. Madonna

The iconic star who brought a revolution in the world of pop music was a show girl. She had also worked in Dunkin Donuts.

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(Image Courtesy: People)

#14. Sylvester Stallone

Stallone, the iconic Hollywood actor, used to clean up lion cages at a circus before he made it as 'Rambo'.

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(Image Courtesy: Golden Globes)

#15. Ellen DeGeneres

The admirable talk show host and comedian, Ellen DeGeneres, was into oyster shucking before she made her name on the screen.

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(Image Courtesy: Us Weekly)

We would love to hear from you on your favorite celebrities and the weird jobs they had before rising to fame. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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