8 Celebrities Who Are A Perfect Example Of Beauty With Brains

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8 Celebrities Who Are A Perfect Example Of Beauty With Brains

We all have our takes on the beauty v/s brain debate. For some, beauty is of utmost significance, while for others intelligence is the most important trait. But what happens when the two are intertwined? A unique combination, beauty with brains is quite fulfilling in its nature. There are many famous personalities who epitomize the much-desired combination.

List of celebrities who are a perfect example of beauty with brains

#1. Madonna

Who says that you cannot be beautiful and brainy at the same time? The IQ of the queen of pop is said to be 140. Besides being a dancer and a cheerleader at High School, Madonna was also a straight A student and graduated from High School earlier than her fellow students. She also received a full scholarship for the dance program at the University of Michigan.

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#2. Emma Watson

Staying true to her character of Hermoine Granger, Watson is a perfect mixture of beauty and brains. It is reported that she used to study for hours in between her filming schedule. Watson also scored A’s on her GCSEs and went on to study English at Worcester College, Oxford University.

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#3. Shakira

The ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ star is not only about good looks. Another glamorous woman with a reported IQ of 140, Shakira is quite a polyglot. She can speak English, Portuguese, French, Catalan, Arabic, and Italian. The Colombia-born star has also taken classes on History of Western Civilization. Interestingly, Shakira began with poetry writing at the young age of seven.

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#4. Natalie Portman

Apart from her role in the legendary Star Wars, Portman is also popular for her academic genius. She is a graduate in Psychology from Harvard University and has also co-authored research papers. It is said that Portman missed her Star Wars: Episode 1 premiere to prepare for her high school exams.

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#5. Mayim Bialek

Like her character in the show Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialek is a neuroscientist in real life too. She has a doctorate degree in neurosciences while specializing in obsessive-compulsive disorder in adolescents with Prader-Willi syndrome. Bialek has co-authored two books with Jay Gordon and has written one book by herself.

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#6. Jodie Foster

The Silence of the Lambs star has a bachelor’s in literature from Yale University. Foster is fluent in French and can also understand German, Spanish, and Italian. She later received her honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree from Yale University. Interestingly, Foster learned to read at the age of three.

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#7. Sharon Stone

The actress and former model, Stone has a remarkable IQ of 154. She earned herself a scholarship at the tender age of 15. Being a gifted genius, Stone was able to talk while she was ten months old and started the school at the five, from second grade.

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#8. Aisha Tyler

Do you remember the paleontologist, Dr. Charlie Wheeler from season 9 of Friends? Well, she is a brainiac in real life too. Tyler has a Bachelor’s in Political Science and has minored in Environmental Science too. Tyler, being a polyglot, is fluent in Swahili, French, and Russian.

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We would love to hear from you. Tell us about your favorite celebrity who epitomizes beauty with brains. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

Opinions (3)
A combination of both!

Why do you ever have to make a choice between beauty and brain? This is a very absurd idea that women who are beautiful do not have brains and vice versa. It is very important to understand the fact that we all have the potential to increase our intellectual power if we choose to work on it. There are a lot of ways to improve our intelligence. With all the information available on the internet today, learning anything is no more difficult. We all have the potential to make ourselves capable of anything we want. On the other hand, we all are born with some features and look a certain way. That does not mean we cannot groom ourselves. We all have the ability to groom ourselves and look exactly like what we wish to look like. With the huge amount of grooming tutorials available online today we all can look beautiful. We all need to understand one idea that we all are beautiful, and the more we accept ourselves we can be comfortable in our skin. There is no set definition of beauty. You are beautiful the way you are! Please do not let the society’s concept of beauty make you believe otherwise.

A combination of both!

Obviously when given a choice, everyone would want to have both. The more the better. Gone are the days when women were looked down as just a piece of beauty. In today's world women are as smart and active as men.. and the beauty is only growing with time!

A combination of both!
It is rather a stupid question to ask just from the males and giving examples of just the females. I mean even women can choose to have a handsome self-made man. Get over the bygones, live as per the present era! 

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