Love Story Of This Unusual Couple - Tina Frey & Jeff Richmond

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Love Story Of This Unusual Couple - Tina Frey & Jeff Richmond

A woman who made intelligence sexy and rose to fame making people laugh, Tina Fey is an inspiration for the geeks and nerds. She is famous for her work in NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live and even wrote the script for a cult hit Mean Girls.

Simply put, she made being a writer a glamorous job. A woman of substance, her man, had to be her match in wit and intelligence. She had already broken norms and stood tall in a business where women were seen as an eye candy, and she pushed the envelope by marrying a man who was way shorter than her.

A Strong Connection

Standing together; they might look a bit unusual than normal couples, but their relationship is a mark of how love is about an emotional and mental connect and not physical. The couple married in 2001, and their marriage is still rock solid. Jeff Richmond is a composer, actor, director, and producer; he even directed some of the shows of the hit TV series 30 Rock, which is headed by his wife. He has also collaborated and worked on several of his wife's projects. According to him, he just fell head over heels for Frey’s wit and she, in turn, feels that her husband saw her as a diamond in the rough. Now that’s some connection!

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An Old Era Romance

How often do we hear of a woman waiting for the right man to walk into her life, lose her virginity to him, marry him and live happily ever after? Sounds like a plot from a movie from the 80s, right? And on top of that most of us never imagine a celebrity to have such a love life. Well, you would be wrong because that’s exactly what happened with Tina Frey. She and her husband dated for seven years before getting hitched in a Greek Orthodox wedding. The couple has two daughters Alice Zenobia and Penelope Athena.

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Acceptance is the Glue to their Bond

Most husbands would be uncomfortable with a wife who has power, fame, and following, but not Jeff Richmond. What pulled him to Tina was her intelligence and wit, and he still loves this trait in his better half. Often described as diminutive by the media, their difference in height is quite apparent when the couple walks down the red carpet or pose for cameras. Despite that, the couple has remained unfazed by the way others perceive their relationship. Tina has never even let the physical difference deter her from wearing heels when she is with her husband.

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A Happy Marriage is based on Mutual Trust 

All girls have a soft corner for the bad guy and wish to enjoy the thrill of dating such a man, but not Tina Frey. Her husband was anything but a bad guy and never really did anything before running it with his then girlfriend and now wife. The couple fell in love quickly, and their diverse similar interests made the relationship a whole lot of fun. Richmond admires the fact that his wife has a lot of principles and she abides by it.

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The couple Tina Frey and Jeff Richmond is certainly very different from the usual celebrity couples, but this is what makes their relationship so beautiful and durable.

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