11 Times When Hollywood Stars Got Body Shamed & This Is How They Fought Back

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11 Times When Hollywood Stars Got Body Shamed & This Is How They Fought Back

Celebrities have always been a victim of obnoxious bullying, offensive remarks, and body shaming. But definitely, not everyone is courageous enough to move forward facing the nasty comments and yet keeping the temperament to fight back eloquently. And the fact is until they do not get into a mental agony nothing can affect them!

If the celebs had gotten into the loop of negativity, they wouldn’t have achieved what they have now. People never throw comments in search of sheer entertainment. They are also in search of the response celebs have for accepting the body shaming activity.

But after all this, how do Hollywood Celebrities keep a generous heart to take things lightly and even fight back to give out a lesson? Let’s see a few examples.

1. Kate Winslet On Childhood Bullying 

On being called as blubber since childhood days, Kate fought back in a very inspiring manner against all her bullies. She once spoke at a gathering about her fat-shaming experience saying, “You have to be indestructible to do what you love, and believe that you are worth it.” She never gave up in front of those who didn’t believe in her and those who wanted her to settle for whatever she gets.

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This woman embraces her flaws and never felt apologetic with who she is. Fitting in the crowd wasn’t her idea, but standing out was! Kate also urges women to take pride in their bodies and get tough!

2. Miley Cyrus on Breaking Conventional Beauty Standards

American songwriter, singer, actress and the very relatable Hannah Montana star have always been in the limelight for all the good and bad reasons. A majority of these related to her body! The goofy teenager grew up listening to critics shaming her for her fat face. The table turned, and people humiliated her for being skinny. Sometimes you just cannot win the situation!

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But whether you love or hate her, there have been instances when she made some hard hitting and valid points. She has seen a drastic transformation from her teenage times, but she perpetually manages to be confident.

Cyrus is a star who is breaking the conventional standards of beauty. Although she isn't trying to please anyone, she just loves herself to every bit and also believes in expressing herself to the fullest. Because if you aren't doing so, you aren't free! Miley knows that real beauty just cannot be defined because it's skin deep and it all radiates from inside out, not the other way.

3. Lady Gaga on Super Bowl Performance 

Calmly responding to the Super Bowl incident and the whole act of body shaming, famous pop singer Lady Gaga is still proud of who she is. Being a topic of discussion now and then, Lady Gaga gave a show-stopping performance and revealed her Born This Way attitude. She always keeps her positive spirits alive and believes in riding high!

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Being fat-shamed for her performance at the Super Bowl, Gaga responded via Twitter saying that no one ever needs to cater to anyone or anything else for them to succeed. She also added that being you is the champions stuff and imparting some positive attitude is what's required for dealing with such issues. She is a strong intellectual woman and a woman of substance!

4. Channing Tatum on His Perfect Abs 

Magic Mike star Channing Tatum who is an American actor and dancer made a different response. He was funny as well as maintained the liveliness of the event along with letting people know the truth.

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During the premiere of Magic Mike XXL at Australia, he admitted in an interview with Reuters that his super ripped abs were temporary! Without any hesitation, he shelled out the fact that his Magic Mike body just lasted for those number of days till they were shooting. So it’s about five days that you time the body and then lose it immediately. It is, of course, a refreshing testimony coming from a Hollywood celebrity that even his ideal body is not realistic. He is Scoop net body positive!

5. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins on Being "a little fat"

A ridiculously talented singer, amazing performer, charmer and a boss lady who knows how to handle haters outstandingly sums up who Adele is. An extraordinary woman like her too has dealt with situations of body shaming and fat shaming! On being called "a little fat," there have been a lot many times that she took the situation to another level with her poise and understanding.

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She once quotes to a magazine, “I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women, and I’m very proud of that.” She is plus size, and that has nothing to do with her "die-for" music! She easily tackles all the comments with her sense of humor and quoted in her autobiography “I would only lose weight if it affected my health or sex life, which it doesn't." Way to go girl!

6. Romola Garai on Being Portrayed as Inadequate 

Dirty Dancing star Romola doesn’t have any fond memories of her role. She had to try staying underweight, couldn’t move forward without fat shaming and was always instructed about maintaining a particular behavior with her male co-actors. But apart from this, women making women feel bad is a significant concern in the Hollywood or for that matter any such industry.

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Romola decided not to give up the battle of the misogyny and not portray herself as inadequate in front of anyone, not even the ones who body shamed her for every part of her body!

7. Jennifer Aniston on Dehumanizing Criticism

She has battled eating disorders, remains to be super slim and even if there’s a bit of belly bulge, the media attacks her of being pregnant. She had it enough and finally spoke up! Jennifer fought back the constant paparazzi and pregnancy rumors giving out a message saying "We (women) are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child. We get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes to our bodies. That decision is ours and ours alone."

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She focused on debating about the dehumanizing point of views created during on the news regarding women, and the obsession media creates for having the perfect body. Though Aniston isn’t one of those women who does not care for their outer appearances yet she has made a valid point!

8. Amy Schumer on Brutal Body Shaming 

Even after getting brutally body shamed she remains to be strong and proud of whom she is and how she lives her life! Schumer is a stand-up comedian and actress who don’t pay attention to the trolls associated with her body and believes in working her way to the top. One of her posts on Instagram goes like this "I am strong and proud of how I live my life and say what I mean and fight for what I believe in and I have a blast doing it with the people I love."

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She is famous worldwide, she is making a difference, and she will continue to be a role model for many people. According to Amy, anyone who has ever been bullied or doesn't feel good about their physical appearances, she's there to fight! She believes that everyone should be ready to fight for themselves too. Laughing at haters and sympathizing with them is all that we need to do! Getting attacked for her shape, she gives out a message to the haters for being happy in their lives and not in making fun of people who they don't personally know!

9. Mila Kunis on Not Compromising 

Giving out successfully hits like Black Swan, Friends with Benefits and Ted, Kunis expressed her frustration in the year 2016 at those who never supported her for her work. Being a superstar and a much admired Hollywood celebrity, Mila talks about being insulted every time, sidelined, paid less and diminished because of her gender. She also expressed how she felt that if this was happening to her, then it was happening aggressively with other women too.

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So in spite of compromising with her integrity and being compromised herself, she hoped for a change. Mila decided to confront everything that people threw at her which helped her in reaching a position where she can stand without the fear of how she'll be treated by others.

10. Demi Lovato on Fluctuating Weight Issues 

When Demi left her Disney Channel show and entered a rehab (regarding some personal reasons), people started to judge her for weight issues.

She kept on gaining and loosing but then decided to let her fans and everyone else know that she used to hate her curves but is now in love with them! A small yet powerful response. It takes a nerve to start accepting yourself the way you are.

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Body shaming and fat shaming is an inevitable spin side of being a celebrity, but the fake beauty standards prevailing in our society are misleading and upsetting. Things need to revolutionize, and the influential people have the opportunity plus the platform to bring out that change!

11. Danielle Brooks

Orange Is The new Black Star firmly believes in not comparing herself with anyone. She is usually outspoken and loves her body. Encouraging all her fans to do the same she advises to never indulge in the moments of self-doubt or self-consciousness.

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There was a time when she was going through a phase of lowered self-esteem, but then she questioned herself for feeling that way. And today Danielle is better than who she was yesterday. She quoted “I realized I’m comparing myself to some woman, and I was like, ‘Why just two minutes ago I was feeling great, and now I’m not?" And I realized the reason I was feeling so great...because I was comparing myself to yesterday’s Danielle.” She is just becoming better, positive and grateful.

Body shaming and fat shaming is an inevitable spin side of being a celebrity, but the fake beauty standards prevailing in our society are misleading and upsetting. Things need to revolutionize, and the influential people have the opportunity plus the platform to bring out that change!

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