Is it better to be physically attractive or intelligent?

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Is it better to be physically attractive or intelligent?

Well, this is one of the most popular debate topics, which is prevailing in not only today's world, but in the world for almost a long period of time. There are some individuals, who boast about their physical beauty and attractiveness. While, there are some other individuals, who feel, intelligence is required to build one's own future in every aspect. To be honest about the topic, I feel physical beauty is a gift of God to the individuals. And, intelligence is in the genes. It needs to be nurtured with utmost care and proper guidance. Well, according to me, intelligence is extremely essential to stride the stairs of success. However, it is many a time the physical attractiveness, which provides the opportunity to the doorway to the stairs of the success discussed above. 

But, do you really think that it is the physical attractiveness, which must be given so much priority in the field of success? Don't you think that the inner beauty of the individual must be looked for and not the physical attractiveness? Rightly goes the proverb that "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". Beauty and intelligence go hand in hand. I don't think it's logical to give priority only to physical attractiveness. It's equally important for an individual to have brains to succeed in any field. Even if it is in the field of glamor and beauty, a professional to be a successful one, needs to apply his intelligence in every step to succeed. Any success without brains and only with physical attractiveness will never last. It always becomes temporary, which gets faded within a very short frame of time. 

Thus, what I feel is it is important that an individual works hard towards intelligence and also devote some priority to the physical appearance and looks to appear confident, approachable and presentable.

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