27 Baby Girl That Are Becoming Extinct

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27 Baby Girl That Are Becoming Extinct

If you read my post on the 27 baby boy names that are going extinct, then, in the spirit of gender equality, I’m sure you want me to review the baby girl names too. No pressure. I have a list prepared for that too. In fact, some of the baby girl names on my list might disappear completely by the end of 2018! Here you go. 

1. Abigail

2. Anastacia

3. Annabel

4. Bibian

5. Damaris

6. Dorothy

7. Doris

8. Evelyn

9. Gertrude

10. Jacqueline

11. Keziah

12. Margret

13. Martha

14. Maureen

15. Naomi

16. Perpetua

17. Peris

18. Rebecca

19. Risper

20. Ruth

21. Scola

22. Trizah

23. Tayah

24. Vivian

25. Veronica

26. Yvonne

27. Zipporah

But then again, it could go either way. Just like fashion, you never know for sure what people will want tomorrow. We might just see some of these names around longer than we expect. It’s the science of baby naming.

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