How To Choose The Perfect Jewelry For Your Partner

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How To Choose The Perfect Jewelry For Your Partner

Jewelry is a favorite gift to both give and receive. It can be given on important occasions or for milestones, and it’s versatile according to the meaning associated with it and how it’s worn. Even with all the benefits that come with giving jewelry, it can be challenging to choose the right piece—especially when you’re giving it to someone very significant to you. You want it to be perfect—you want the moment they open that jewelry box to be etched in their memory forever.  

In this article, we’ll help you with your search. Here are tips on how to choose the perfect jewelry for your partner.

1. Consider what your partner likes

When choosing jewelry for your partner, you want to make sure that it is worn. If it’s not an engagement ring or wedding band, you want to give her a piece that she’d like to wear often or even daily.

Necklace – Do you notice her wearing necklaces? Does she prefer ones with a simple chain and pendant, or large statement pieces?

Bracelets – Does she wear a charm bracelet or bangles? Or does she prefer casual jewelry like rope or mesh bracelets from places she visited?

Earrings – Before you splurge on some diamond earrings, ask yourself, does she even have her ears pierced? If yes, what earrings does she prefer to wear—hoops, studs, or dangly pairs?

Rings – Does she wear stackable or singular rings? Are they simple or do they have intricate details? What’s her ring size? Does she work in an environment that could mean her losing a ring in a sink or elsewhere?

2. Determine the kind of metal she wears

After determining the type of jewelry you want to give, it’s important to know what kind of metal she would wear. Some women are particular to jewelry colors that suit their skin tone, but others simply base it on preference. For others, there are allergies to be aware of that may mean certain metals should be avoided. Observe what she likes with the current collection that she wears. Common metals are:

Platinum – These are inexpensive, tarnish-resistant, and durable. This metal is also hypo-allergenic, so this is safe to give to a partner with sensitive skin.

Silver – This metal is also durable and can be worn daily with any outfit due to its versatility compared to gold. It is more cost-effective than platinum or gold.

Gold – Gold can come in different types: yellow, rose, or white. Its durability will depend on the karats you pick, and the price will differ on the gold purity too. The good thing about gold is that it will not tarnish, rust, or corrode.

You can also ask the opinion of others if metals and karats are like a foreign language to you and you’re really unsure about what metal to choose for your partner

3. Take some time in picking out the style

There are several points in this area. Is it going to be a simple or elaborate piece? Is it more casual or formal? Will this be something that could be worn every day or just for special occasions?

Simple chains, bangles, or bands – The beauty of simple jewelry is that it can be worn with almost any outfit and it can be her everyday jewelry. This might be a good approach if you want your special someone to look down every day and smile to think of you giving her that beautiful bracelet or anklet.

Filigree – This can be perfect if your partner likes unique designs and patterns. It can be more decorative than chains and bands. Filigree rings are delicate and great for a feminine woman who enjoys vintage and antique items.

Gemstones – There are different kinds of gemstones available and you can use this color palette to find something suitable to match her favorite color. You might want to check on what your partner’s birthstone is, or what colors of stones she wears in her current jewelry pieces. You may even want to find that perfect pair of earrings that are a match with the color of her eyes. If you’re looking for promise rings with gemstones and pretty designs, you can shop here.

Diamonds – They fall under gemstones, but we’ll give diamonds some more discussion. If the occasion, reason, significance, or budget calls for a piece with diamond, make sure that the stones are of good grades. Checking on quality rather than quantity is important. Choosing diamonds isn’t very difficult, you just need to do some research.

4. Be sure to include a personal touch

While jewelry is a popular gift, you don’t want to give generic jewelry to your partner. You want the piece to be significant and memorable, and something that she would cherish and remember for years to come.

Birthstones – Birthstones can be a way to personalize the jewelry you’ve chosen. However, if you don’t see your partner wearing those colors or they aren’t a fan of that gemstone, then it may not be suitable.

Engraving – This is the most common way to personalize a piece of jewelry. You could include her name, a phrase, a date, or a word that is significant to both of you or your relationship.

Charms or lockets – If you’re giving something other than a ring or earrings, lockets could contain a photo that was taken somewhere memorable or a charm that depicts a meaningful event or thing in your relationship.

When choosing jewelry for your significant other, don’t forget that this should be something she would like. While you may have different preferences, you want to pick a piece that will resonate with her personality. You could even make it special through personalization. It’s not going to be easy, but careful observation of her taste, style, and preferences will guide you when it comes to finding that perfect jewelry for your partner.

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