Some people you should never marry with

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Some people you should never marry with

If you are looking for your Mr. or Mrs. Right, you might have to kiss a couple of frogs until you meet the ideal partner you deserve or else you can ditch the prior deal and read this article to know the types you should not marry. Marriage is a one-time mistake, nobody can afford to commit it twice hence, it is advisable to choose a decent partner at a single go.

Marriage takes us all to an ideal world of an ideal partner. The one with perfect looks, good body, nice accent, rich, deep voice and an appealing personality; an ideal partner is all about looks or money for all of us if facts are known. But, nobody is perfect is also a fact. There is no ideal in the real world. After marriage, we live a different reality which is not about appearance or money, but the other person. A person who would stand over your head all day. So, it is advisable to choose someone where all the facts tell you it’s going to work, rather trying hard to make it work.

Listed below are the types of people who will always sabotage the potential of a successful relationship. There are the ones you shouldn’t marry

1. Pinchpenny

Back in college, a friend of mine had a miser boyfriend (he had a job). He’d never spend any money on her, like on outings I always saw her paying the bills even when she was not earning. It would be wrong if I say that, in a relationship only men should pay the bills. Both partners have equal duties and should pay the bills together. A pinchpenny will always cause harm to a relationship.

2. Egoistic

I have always learned a thing and this one by personal experience. A bond should never have egos in between. I have seen many relationships end because of people having big egos. People having egos don’t like to bow and work on their relations if things don’t work.

3. Disrespectful

Trust me on this, you don’t need a partner who is abusive, doesn’t respect you or your family. A disrespectful partner can reach out any limit to cause harm and use their power to control your position. If you are living with such a person, it’s advisable to move out of such a relationship at the earliest.

4. Chauvinist

This one doesn’t imply to men alone; chauvinist females pay equal damage to a relationship. People who believe in the superiority of one’s gender are insecure in reality. They put restrictions on the other to discriminate the differences between the two. Female chauvinists treat men like dogs and believe that they deserve less than equal treatment or benefit.

5. Shopaholic

Just as a miser is a big no in a correlation; so is a shopaholic. Men have a little chance of falling under this category. Mostly women subside in this one. You might not want to end up bankrupt with a shopaholic woman or man.

6. Selfish and Materialistic

People who are selfish and materialistic have no value for love or relations in their lives. They keep looking for a chance of grabbing an opportunity for their benefit. These are people who can cause maximum damage to not just the relationship but, the families.

7. Flirt

You would never want your partner to be an 80’s hero or a chick who would start flirting at any social gathering. Not only it’s a big turn off but also, it is embarrassing. On a personal note, I dream of a partner who should have a respectful image in the society and not some eye-popping jerk.

8. The mamma’s boy or the daddy’s girl

There is no harm in being a mamma’s boy or the daddy’s girl, but they are mostly spoiled brats. You might not want to marry someone, who you need to tame for life. It is better to have a dog than marry a spoiled brat.

If you have such a person in your life who is by far not having any of the listed qualities; then man, you have got a keeper. You no longer have to kiss a couple of frogs to find your ideal partner. You have found the one.

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