Do you know the important tips to keep your Polki jewellery ever shining?

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Do you know the important tips to keep your Polki jewellery ever shining?

Polki jewellery is a kind of jewellery which is embedded with uncut, and unfinished diamonds in a gold foil. They are special as these diamonds are used in their natural form while making the jewellery. And these precious diamonds are not furnished in the laboratory or polished to make it look sophisticated but are used in their natural state to give the jewellery an authentic look.  

These unfinished diamonds are embedded into the gold foil which is painted on the back side so that it reflects light. Polki jewellery is extremely expensive and is greatly in demand because of use of the natural diamonds and other gemstones.

In India, Jaipur and Rajasthan are most famous for their jewellery designing expertise and specialise in the making of Polki jewellery. You can find one of the most beautiful designs of the Polki jewellery sets for any wedding occasion or for any other occasion here. Polki jewellery makes you look like a princess, ever elegant with its fine charm whenever you wear them. It is certainly a jewel with a vintage look and makes your persona grandiloquent. But do you know why your grandma always uses a muslin cloth to wrap them and hence preserved them up till now in their natural state? Yes, it is because, these are very delicate with their uncut diamonds and other precious gemstones, and very serious care must be taken to keep their luster and charm intact.

I am going to tell you some essential do’s and don’ts to keep your jewellery shining always.

A) Luster and shine

1. You must protect your jewellery from coming into contact with moisture as it can easily lose its shine. Always store them in a separate box. As Polki jewellery is made up of a number of uncut diamonds, hence special care must be taken while keeping them in the case. Always keep them separately as the diamonds could get the scratches from other jewels present in the box. It is better to use a muslin cloth to wrap these jewels and then store them.

B) Cleaning your Polki Jewellery

You should take utmost care of your Polki jewellery whilst cleaning. When cleaning your Polki jewellery always use warm, non-detergent based soapy water if at all necessary and then wipe it dry to remove any moisture present. Remember never to be harsh on the soft and delicate gemstones.

C) Keeping them in the Case

How you can keep your Polki jewellery safe and intact so that it is always protected from the dust and sun and moisture will require some expertise.

1. Keeping them in the case also requires some special effort. Here you can use a muslin cloth to wrap them. And remember you must never keep them in cotton, as the delicate diamonds might get the scratches from the fibres of cotton.

2. Hence keep in mind to use a muslin cloth while wrapping them and keeping it in the case.

3. Always keep the Polki Jewellery in a dry area which is free from moisture. And you can stay confident about wearing them the next time with the same shine and lustre.

4. Polki jewellery must also be kept away from dust and any other kind of pollutants which might lead the jewellery losing its shine. And this could be another reason why we always recommend that you must keep your cherished jewels in a separate case.

D) Care of precious gemstones

Polki is often embedded with a number of gemstones which give it a brilliantly vivid look. These gemstones are so soft that they might get scratched even by the smallest dust particles to lose their charm.Therefore take proper care to keep your jewellery from coming into contact with the rough surfaces.

E) No to High temperatures

It must be kept away from coming into contact with any inflammable substances or high temperatures since high temperatures have been proven to damage gemstones. Therefore remain careful while going to certain areas, such as kitchens, factories, etc. where high temperatures are used and also avoid contact with inflammable substances while wearing the Polki jewellery sets.

F) Avoiding household chemicals

Take care even when you are in your house to protect the jewel sets from any kinds of household chemicals too.

a) Extreme care must be taken when you are in your own house. Keep them away from your children so that they might not misplace them.

b) The household chemicals like perfumes, cosmetics, etc. Have proven to damage the lustre of the gemstones and the uncut diamonds.

G) Wearing it carefully

Take proper care when handling the jewellery sets. It is recommended to sit and then only wear Polki jadau jewellery, since if it falls on a hard substance it might straight away lead to its breakage.

H) Avoiding the Sun

a) You must always keep all kinds of jewellery sets away from the sun, but as the Polki is much more delicate that is why I have mentioned it again here to take the special note while taking care of them. See below how to protect and why to protect it from the sun:

b) Do not get exposed to the sun for long hours while wearing a Polki jewellery as it might lead to losing the shine of the gold as well as loosing up of the grip of the gemstones.

Wearing the Polki jewellery with it precious embedded gemstones can add charm and colours to your life. And proper caring will make your jewellery look even more attractive and charming when attending any functions or ceremonies and of course you will be a proud owner of the ecstatic Jewel Piece. 

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