Housewives need to curve their cravings for gold

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Housewives need to curve their cravings for gold

Gold is an excuse when a female heart is concerned. She directs all her senses to smell gold. The feminine ‘collective mind’ has a lure for gold and it tries to hoards it at any cost. For gold, she can exchange anything, even the happiness of her family. She spends a lot of money on it without thinking of its returns. This has been the scene since primitive time.

Not only the rich women, the maids working in the household, who hardly get the returns of their hard work, save their money and invest it in gold. They have all funny excuses to buy gold. They blindly invest their earning and savings in it. They don't even think of their children who may need education or even a good life -style. They take these things just for granted and think very seriously about buying gold. They may not give nutritious food to their daughters but buy gold for their marriage. They may not educate their son but buy gold for their daughter-in-law.

They buy golden jewelry and keep it for the bad time but when it is needed it is never used. If they are generous enough, they may use it, but unfortunately, the shopkeeper or the money lenders deduct the making charges, the impurities, reckon it as used and reduce its price. The returns that are given back are much less than the price paid when it was bought.

The woman has to understand the value of money regarding saving which not only increases with time but can be used as and when required. She has to teach herself that time has changed and money has to be spent in a reasonable way. Money should be invested in such a way as to bring profit. Gold does not promise good returns. Its market keeps fluctuating, and then there is no guarantee of it selling in time. It may give money, but the value of it may not be the same. Secondly, one has to search its buyers. But money in the saving accounts in bank brings surplus profits. It promises good returns as and when required. There are no complications involved in its handling. One only needs an account and save the money. The principal amount along with the interest gives good returns and can be used whenever the need arises.

It is time for women to change their thinking and understand the need of the day. They have to change their thinking and learn that things that were once useful need not be used at other times.

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