Do you know about different kinds of Mang Tikas?

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Do you know about different kinds of Mang Tikas?

Indian wedding is considered to be a pious ritual that comprises of traditional customs. Jewelry seems to be pivotal part of the Indian wedding, and the bride needs to wear traditional jewelries on the big day. Some of the important jewelry pieces that a bride should wear are earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings and mangtikas. The mangtika completes the entire look of the bride and she looks stunning in her attire.

Modern people love to keep their wedding rituals simple and the bride always wishes to wear light and sleek jewelry on the special day. A simple and elegant-designed mangtika can add an essence of glamour to the bride’s look. Since its inception, the designing of mangtika has evolved a lot, and in recent days one can find different style, design, and shape of mangtikas in the market:

•   Over-sized mangtika- Bride with round or oval face can opt to wear these chunky mangtika, as it can make her look like a stunning diva. The over-sized mangtika are available is different designs like floral or  circular patterns.

•   Sleek and small pendant style mangtika- Modern ride prefer to wear sleek and light-weight mangtika, as it can make them look both traditional and classy. These tikas are usually available with stone-studded design or simple pearl hangings and ruby, to match with the wedding attire.

•    Passa Mangtika- The design of passa mangtika originated from the Mughal dynasty and is mostly worn by Muslim brides. The mangtika is worn on the left side of the forehead. The passa mangtika comes in a variety of designs and sizes with pearls or coloured stone embellishments.

•    One-tier mangtika- It is a simple looking mangtika that is hung from the gold chain. The chain lays across the hair line and the mangtika has a small pendant that falls on the forehead.

•    Multi-tier Mangtika- A multi-tier mangtika offers a royal and sophisticated look to the bride and the pendant is hung from two or more elaborate chains.

•    Borla- The specific design of Mangtika is a statement pieces mostly worn by the Rajasthani brides. The ethnic-looking mangtika is elegantly designed with stone or kundan embellishments.

•    South-Indian mangtika- The South Indian bride mostly wears the thick mangtika that is decorated with gold or coloured stones that are matching with the wedding saree. These mangtikas are also popularly  known as ‘thalaikkachchu’ or ‘thalai saman’.

•    Maharashtrian mangtika- Mahastrian bride wear a headpiece that comprises of string and the tika is worn to compliments the look. The mangtika is of single strand and the pendant hangs right above the  headpiece.

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