Tips for the bride with regard to the wedding fashion

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Tips for the bride with regard to the wedding fashion

Are you getting married this year and want to look extremely fashionable?

Then, you must check out these simple tips and tricks for brides that can help you get the right look in your wedding. 

All you beautiful bride-to-be’s, here are some tips with regard to the wedding fashion

1. A mélange of beautiful outfits

There are so many functions in a wedding. Select a particular outfit for each function. You can wear a gorgeous gown for the cocktail party, a stunning kurti for the mehendi ceremony, a beautiful lehenga on the wedding.

2. Choose the right accessories

Your jewellery should perfectly complement your fashion sense and your choice of dress. Wear traditional jewelry with your wedding lehenga and contemporary jewelry with a gown.

3. Beautiful mehendi design

People’s eyes will definitely be on your wedding mehendi. Therefore, choose an unconventional and unique mehendi design.  

4. Do not overdo the makeup

Heavy makeup is a passé now. Minimal makeup looks more beautiful and it is in vogue these days. Try to highlight only the best feature of your face. If you have beautiful eyes, opt for a great eye makeup. Your beautiful smile and light makeup will make you look stunning.

5. Experiment with various colors

Earlier, Indian brides wore only a few colors in their wedding. However, things have changed now. The modern, fashionable brides go for colors such as mauves, oranges and pinks. You can experiment with various colors instead of wearing the same boring traditional color.

You can also hire a stylist for looking extremely fashionable in all your wedding functions. Try a different hairdo for each function to look different and stylish.

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