How to Manage Family Drama on your Wedding Day?

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How to Manage Family Drama on your Wedding Day?

“Pick battles wisely, and ignore some of the things that can not be changed.” - Unknown

Do you have friends and family members or relatives with opinions that do not match with yours? This can hold importance especially when it concerns your wedding celebrations. Therefore, without turning into a bridezilla or a groomzilla, effectively deal with the ways in which you can turn the family wedding drama into the other way round.

But even before that, keep in mind that you need to take care of yourself. You also need to surround yourself with people who love you more and trust the entire interface. Cultivate that support and desire to be prepared even for the worst.

Dealing With Family Drama On Your Wedding 

Problematic behaviors are expected to surface when your wedding day starts getting near. Be it about the groom, or the bride, parents along with siblings and relatives are all somewhat responsible for creating family drama on the wedding day. Not just that, you too can somewhat and somewhere be held responsible for creating one of the other issues on or before the day of your wedding.

Your dad might suddenly get possessive; your mother may talk utter nonsense about arrangements, your siblings might start cribbing about home decor or resent to the attention that you are suddenly getting. Your relatives might feel not properly honored for the wedding or you yourself might face difficulties in coping with the arrangements and all the emotional trauma surrounding the much-dramatic setting of the wedding saga. 

Separated couples getting together for attending your wedding, furious relatives seeing each other across the tables and fussy children of the family cribbing about petty issues at the wedding are some really genuine problems. These are part of every wedding. But, you can certainly deal with each and every issue in an effective way and project a beautiful image of your wedding day. They may not really get along so well, but following the below-mentioned ways, they may definitely pose for the perfect wedding frame.

How To Avoid Family Drama On Your Wedding Day?

#1. Reconsider The Idea Of Inviting Undeserving Guests

To effectively avoid the creation of drama on your special day, make sure to reconsider your list of invitees. Ask yourself, do I even need to invite these people at the first place. Go through the list, so you do not face any kind of unpleasant circumstances. Even if the person in question is your immediate family member, there shouldn't be even a single reason to invite them if you want to gid rid of people who give rise to embarrassing moments. But, you need to resort to a peaceful method for not having them invited to your wedding. The consequences can be pretty extreme and it can trigger even unhappy and disturbed bondings.

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#2. Be Practical With Your Planning

This is the simplest wedding hack to deal with the associated drama. Be very practical in planning for your wedding. Carve out such a layout that your guests do not get a reason to pinpoint at the arrangements. Although one person who would never be satisfied will always exist. But, you have to make sure that majority of them go back home in a cheerful and happy mood. Don't let all the angry relatives be seated at the same table. Make the seating placement such that even if there it's a group of angry relatives, they will have to separate, and if there are separated relatives, they get their own space.

#3. Be Flexible

Avoid any such circumstances that eradicate awkward conditions on the day of your wedding. If you don't believe in traditions, forget them but not entirely. Plan a wedding that is not bound by customs which are necessary to be followed. If you are not having a good relationship with your dad, don't walk with him down the aisle. In case you don't want to print the names of your close relatives on the invitation card, don't do that. It is your big day, go about it in the way you want. But ensure that you don't have to appear as a rebel. Be subtle when exercising your decision.

#4. Stay United With Your Partner

When dealing with tricky guests on your wedding day, both you and your partner need to stay united. It is important for the two of you to work like a team. Just because the troublesome aunts are from his side, it wouldn't mean that you get the chance to wash off your hands from the circumstances and responsibilities. Don't make it embarrassing for your significant other and rather stay with them through thick and thin. Such are the matters where you two will have to pose similar attitudes and sketch an action plan beforehand.

#5. Sometimes, You Cannot Do Anything

Weddings are incomplete without some sort of a family drama. So, sometimes you really cannot do anything to avoid those battles. The best defense to people who keep bugging you at your special day is a smile, a tight hug to them and ignorance. Believe in ignorance being a blissful act. And just stop expecting people to change. Nothing would happen overnight, and family dynamics will stay as they are. All you need to do is transform your own behavior when around such people instead of ruining the vibe of the celebration.

#6. Talk To Them

When nothing else works, talk to the people who you think can cooperate in such circumstances. For instance, you have divorced couples coming over your wedding with their new partners, and they may not want to be seen under anyone's reach. So, make sure to just talk to them whether they would be comfortable or not, would they like to be seated apart from each other or would they like to simply decline the invitation. Try to find solutions to the problem that you think can take a massive shape on your special day. Show your concern for the one you think can have problems being with someone who they have problems with. Let all the parties know that you are open for discussions and that you are willing to give them the stage to address their issues.

#7. Consider Counselling

This option should be considered when your situation is pretty critical and unmanageable by mere talking or avoidance. There is no harm in regarding this option. Absolutely difficult situations can only be overcome when you and your family along with the relatives undergo professional counseling prior to your wedding day. You can opt for visiting an expert or just sit together with your close ones at some place to explain the rules of the wedding. You, along with your partner may have to set the boundaries for each person who you think can create a havoc.

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#8. Make Sure You Are Responding And Not Reacting

It takes greater skills to respond in a situation and not react. Responding simply means that you have had an intervening thought in a particular situation. And this is what makes you know the right way to deal with the same. Your reaction should be in kindness, what may ever be your situations. 

Empathy can never go wrong even if the other person is ready to break the alcohol bottles at the party. A fussy uncle creates a mess just before you are about to cut the wedding cake and you react in frustration along with anger immediately. You would probably even yell at them which will worsen the relationship thereafter. But, you need to positively respond and maybe just ask someone else to take them away from the scene. Help them calm and not ruin the circumstances any further.

#9. Are You Striking The Right Tone?

So for instance, instead of straight away saying to your fiancé that you hate his mother or father, calm your tone down. Just imagine how painful it would be for him/ her to face such harsh words. Instead, go slow and positive on your tone. The difference lies in having someone’s back rather than demanding for the same.

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