Perks of a Russian Bride Compared To Other Nationalities

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Perks of a Russian Bride Compared To Other Nationalities

Are you a New Zealand guy that wants to spend this Christmas not home alone?

Do you want a commitment?

Are you tired of kissing your reflection under the mistletoe?

Well, I got some exciting news for you. Maybe, you should consider getting acquainted with a Russian girl, like those on, in order to spend this winter in her warm hands. No one understands the essence of meaningful relationships and Christmas hugs as Russians do. If you are tired of compatriots, Americans, Brits, Australians or just want to experience a new level of commitment, then Russian Brides are your best friends.

Perks of a Russian Bride

She is loyal

Russian women are known all over the world as the most dedicated people with the heart of gold. They will be with you no matter what. Usually foreigners look for a Russian bride when they want to feel loved like in the childhood. The appreciation of a Slavic lady is truly maternal. They don’t hop from one man to another, because it’s almost sinful. In comparison with American bossy brides, Russian women are homely and really warm.

She can cook well

Russian girls are taught to be a good housekeeper since childhood. They are not as infantile and needy and definitely show more appreciation when it comes to chores. It’s not good in terms of feminism, but your house will be clean, because she knows it’s her job to treat the family nest like a real woman.

She is sexy

Hot Russian brides are like snow in winter – works as an axiom almost all the time. They are not obese and lazy. They are sporty and curvy. Just take a look at some Russian brides photos! Most of the women love make up and fancy clothing. It may appear a lack of taste and overdressing, but show some appreciation to her culture – real Russian brides are born to be stunners!

She is really strong

Russian women are very strong in some moments. There is a proverb here. A woman will stop a running horse and will come into a burning house. That shows how ready to move they can be. That means that woman will do everything she can for those people she became attached to. But in spite of strength of Russian women they are always looking for men who are stronger than they are.

They are really good housekeepers

Russians always clean their dwelling, especially before huge celebrations, like New Year Eve or Christmas. They cook hundreds of dishes, decorate the house and the fir tree, and the holiday associates with warmness and coziness right away.

Get ready to meet new funny traditions, which you will find extremely cool and amazing! For example,

Russians like to gather at a table with family or friends and remember what happened in the past year. And during all these memories they drink champagne and eat salads. By the way, the Christmas table is another reason for foreigners to be in a slightest shock. Usually Russians cook much more food than they and their guests can eat. And, in order not to waste food, they always wrap them and give to friends, so your New Zealand pals will be astonished by such hospitality!

When you meet those girls on the street, it is real magic. Every Russian girl wants to look her best during Christmas holidays. A European man once said:

“I was impressed by the Russian beauties who roamed the streets in snow-shimmering fur coats, sipped champagne from plastic cups and sincerely congratulated others on the holiday. "
“I was surprised that the holidays lasted for 10 days! In the UK, the New Year is not even a day off. But most of all I like how sincerely people give gifts and enjoy them. Come Santa Claus and Snow Maidens and arrange contests not only for kids, but also for adults. It creates a completely fabulous atmosphere, I want to believe in miracles, just like in my childhood. "

Also, Russians have a fun tradition of giving males a Santa costume and to play dress up. This is always amazing how adult people are engaged in a process of this game together, being all funny and innocent, feeling sincere emotions, congratulating, laughing, singing and joking in a friendly company.

Russian women are a genie in a bottle, they are a living holiday; and Slavics definitely know how to have fun, roam, be unpredictable and caring, homely and inviting. This holiday will never be forgotten.

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