The Christmas of American Presidents - Obama & Trump

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The Christmas of Presidents

This is the mid-edge of December; in such a time we all think about Christmas and its celebrations. Another thing which every time ping in our mind that is New Year! At such a pleasant time we also imagine that how our favorite celebs are celebrating their Christmas!

Not always we get successes to find out the updates of our favorite celebrities, but sometimes it becomes easier to get linked with their planning for a certain time. And with such a specious thinking, our team has come up with new articles, which will skip your heart a beat about knowing the strange Christmas plans of the recent USA president of and the ex-President of USA. So let's have a glance over the USA President Trump & ex-president Obama activities for this Christmas.

The Unwanted Holiday of Trump!

After becoming the President of USA, the international personality Donald Trump has become very busy with the duties of a President life. President Trump has stated that streaming in the life as a President is not a very easy task to handle, but still, so far the designation is fulfilled with love, respect, and blessings Trump want to convey his whole energy to his nation.

But after becoming the President, when he is facing such an occasional time in front of his eyes, that making him quite an uneasy to be with, because in such a hard time, he doesn't want any holidays or mode freshening timings which can distract him from his work.

During this session, Trump, only want to focus on his work and development of United States. Although he also stated, that he respects Christmas Festival a lot and wishes all his citizens a prosperous Christmas. And he is even willing to spend a great with his wife during the festive session.

The Instant Relief of Obama

We also know that in the previous year, the ex-President spent his Christmas in Hawaii, and it was a great trip. He also shared the touring pictures with the whole world, and the pictures gained pretty much traffic on the internet.

But this year, there is no such planning to go out and enjoy, it's only a family affair and joyful enjoyment with his kids. We all know about the ex- USA President Barak Obama. He is one of the well-known personalities around the world. After completed his time duration of working as a President in America, Obama is now a bit of focused with his family and daughters.

Obama always says he gets very less time to spend with his daughters, but in this coming Christmas, he has a huge time to spend some prosperous moments with his daughters and wife. President Obama has two daughters, Sasha and Malia, they are also very much excited for the coming Christmas, and started to distribute their invitation cards to the relatives and all. After all, for Obama, as he stated, 2016 is going to be the best Christmas forever.

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